Thursday Morning Update

7:23 am…

Whew…that was a close one in the western Gorge; but I’m glad I backed off at the very last minute before my 10pm broadcast last night.

There appears to be some freezing rain at/above 1,000′ in Cape Horn/Corbett areas, but below that too warm.  Vista House has seen wind gusts to 70 mph with moderate rain and temperature bottoming out at 32 degrees.  Must not be freezing on anemometer because it’s still working.   Same thing at Corbett except it has bottomed out around 34-35 instead.  Higher up at Biddle Butte (1400′) the anemometer has frozen so you folks will get a lot of ice the next 12 hours.  Maybe a solid inch.  Whatever your temperature is at your location in the Gorge right now, it will not fall any lower today.  We’re done with the evaporational cooling.

Farther into the Gorge the sticking snow level DID drop to river level in the deeper cold air; it appears to be snowing heavily at Hood River too.  Note lots of snow on Cascade Locks and Hood River ODOT cams:


Enjoy the snow out there!

The Cascades are just getting DUMPED on right now as precipitation intensifies ahead of the warm front.  8-10″ new already at Timberline and Meadows.  That snow will change to mainly rain by mid-morning as snow levels rise.

By the way, as the last wave along our wet front passes by late this evening we can expect a surge of southerly wind.  Gusts 35-45 mph are likely in the Willamette Valley for at least a couple hours…probably centered around 10pm-midnight.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

51 Responses to Thursday Morning Update

  1. Jason Hougak says:

    Perfect ingredients for Cascade Concrete!

  2. Joshua Downtown PDX says:

    Temp jumped up 8 degrees in 23 minutes at PDX. I guess the south wind has arrived.

  3. paulbeugene says:

    Between now and Christmas day it will be very interesting to follow the models. Early next week the GFS has low tracking through SW Washington, then another low tracks just north of the OR/CA border. The first low could potentially bring some low snow levels to parts of western Washington, and the second low to parts of Oregon.

    • flurball says:

      Double barrel too close not so good for wind but better for snow? They have ruined the former in the past

    • flurball says:

      Meant to say those Low;s coming down the coast and drawing modified-cold air off the ocean with a brief projectorty have been rare lately. Hope this is a change

  4. Boring Oregon says:

  5. boydotwo221 says:

    2.46 inches of rain since last night about this time. The peak wind gust here was 36 miles per hour about 20 minutes ago

  6. marinersfan85 says:

    2 inches of rain so far. Wind is starting to pick up. 2 hours ago it was 43 degrees now it’s 53.

  7. JJ78259 says:

    Somebody I think finally pulled the cork on all that dry weather you guys had this past 15 months! Talked with my brother in the Stafford Area he is getting nervous his yard has never been so flooded! Wow!

  8. 18Z GFS Operational kinda blinked in the stare down between it and the EURO.

  9. Washougal 1100ft says:

    Temp droping some? East wind still howling!

  10. umpire says:

    My outdoor sensor seems to be stuck at 37.4 degrees; my car read 37 degrees an hour ago. With the winds, is d@$! cold. Looking forward to the south winds warming things here. NE Portland, a couple of miles from the airport.

  11. Garron (1/3 of a mile from Hillsboro airport) says:

    According to, we’re gonna have snow on Christmas morning between the hours of 5 am and noon! Mark, you need to get some detailed weather graphics like that!!! Go out on a limb, 7 days out and break it down for us hour by hour…lol

  12. W7ENK says:

    1251 PM PST THU DEC 17 2015

    South winds gusting to 45mph this evening.

  13. WEATHERDAN says:

    .94 with this latest batch of rain. More in forecast. Looking for a good used Ark. Greetings and salutations everyone. Peace.

  14. paulbeugene says:

    Euro 12z still has that cold trough dropping south for Christmas Eve. Santa, aware of the past history of malaria in the Willamette Valley, will have nothing to do with landing on rooftops of those poor souls on the valley floor, will only bring snow to those above 500-1000 feet. 850mb temps as progged a bit colder given less over water trajectory (-6 to -7C vs -5 to -6C last night). This is till a week away, could turn into a White Christmas or Brown Christmas for everyone. Root for the Euro if you don’t want your house under water before New Year’s.

  15. Longview 400 ft says:

    I am dreaming of a White Christmas and Wunderground weather is making that possible.

    They are saying snow for Longview & Clatskanie area around Christmas time.

    If I can get only words of snow instead of the real thing, I’ll take it!!!

    For fun, what is Wunderground weather saying for your area?

  16. 35F with mixed rain and snow falling here for the past hour. If it only was a degree cooler we might see accumulations!

  17. Presently, a mix of snow and rain and 35F here. It likely won’t accumulate. We need it to be a degree lower, at least.

  18. Jon SE/PDX says:

    I want lowland snow. Who do I talk to regarding this? I’ve already written several angry letters to no avail

  19. Dean Baker says:

    Very nice call last night !
    1200ft Biddle Butte 8:30am – 0.25″ ice on everything but the roads. Rain coming down hard enough that it is not accumulating too much on the little apple trees.

  20. Paul D says:

    Mark, you are the weather forecasting guru!! Great job.

  21. paulbeugene says:

    12Z GFS gives the PacNW a classic atmospheric river pattern just after Christmas. Mother nature’s version of a lump of coal.

  22. W7ENK says:

    0.52″ in the rain gauge already by 6 o’clock this morning.

    39 degrees.

  23. Farmer Ted says:

    14.5 inches of rain since the 6th of December here near Barton Park, probably more than Astoria has received all month!

  24. Jack in Corbett says:

    Currently 34.3 degrees, moderate rain with gust to 40 mph at 400 foot level in the gorge. Temps slightly rising over last hour.

  25. W7ENK says:

    Gaahh!! I still haven’t caught up with the two other posts from last night…

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