Wet Weekend: White In Cascades

December 11, 2015

11:30pm Friday…

It’s been the busiest 10 days in almost 2 years (back to February 2014 snow) with Gorge ice, then flooding & mudslides.  Then the tornado and now a bunch of mountain snow on the way.

Now the weekend is here.  Looks real wet Saturday, and then more typical showers Sunday.

I expect our best snow since last December this weekend in the Cascades:

BMAC Mt Hood Forecast

Quite a break with slower weather Monday-Wednesday, then models in quite a bit of disagreement about what happens afterwards.  Some have lots more wet weather as we head into the beginning of Christmas Break, but the ECMWF is pretty insistent on a very splitty El-Nino-ish pattern from days 6-10.  We’ll see.  But I’m done and headed home so enjoy the weekend…mainly indoors I suppose.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen