Time For Another Tornado

It’s been 14 months since our last tornado within the FOX12 viewing area…must be time for another right?

Sure enough, at 11:10am a tornado hit Battle Ground.  Numerous videos make it pretty clear there was a defined circulation and I noticed from Air12 the trees were not all fallen in the same direction.

The NWS is out doing their storm survey and we’ll (hopefully) soon find out what the storm will be rated.  My guess would be EF-1.  But I’m no tornado damage expert by any means.

The last tornado was in Longview October 2014.  Here are the previous 3 tornadoes in our area:

Radar didn’t show anything too far out of the ordinary.  Some shear, some large hail, but nothing that screams TORNADO!  Most of our tornadoes are not seen by radar…either too far away (and below radar beam), or circulation is too weak at the beam elevation.

Interesting to note that once again we’ve seen a tornado in the “preferred tornado alley” downstream of the West Hills in Clark County.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

8 Responses to Time For Another Tornado

  1. Steven James says:

    Well I guess I’ll add this to my records of a tornadoes that have hit the northwest over the past few years … it fits right in above Vancouver 2008. Speaking of which, Mark, was this storm in Battleground at all similar to that one in 2008?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, Mark, I guess I’ll add this to my record of tornadoes that have hit the northwest. Fits right in above Vancouver 2008, I think.

  3. DEL X V says:

    The Vancouver of April 1972 Tornado killed 6 persons and was the worst on record, Thank goodness the latest one was apparently less severe , but still bad!

  4. Tyler Mode in Battle Ground says:

    Some more pics from the tornado today. I was unable to make it to the east side of Rasmussen because of police activity.

  5. Longview 400 ft says:

    A few rumbles of thunder accompanied by a flash or two to the north, 20 minutes ago.

  6. Two questions: 1) Is the “mini tornado alley” in Vancouver caused by a mini convergence zone behind the West Hills? And 2) could a summertime severe T-storm east of the Cascades give us a significant tornado event one of these years???

  7. Hopefully, no one is seriously injured?

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