Too Much Rain: Midday Storm Update

11am Monday…

Whew…too much rain in too short a time this morning;  much like Halloween.  Approaching 2″ of rain leading up to 9am and then suddenly  3/4″ in the past two hours ending at 11am at PDX.  Storm drains and small creeks aren’t used to that intensity of rain.  Lots of views like this all across the Portland/Vancouver metro area:

And rain totals since midnight:


As of 11am:  It’s the wettest December day on record at PDX!  2.36″ since midnight and almost 3″ since yesterday evening when the rain began.

The wettest calendar day on record is 2.69″ on Nov. 19, 1996.  The wettest 24 hour period is much heavier…4.44″ in late October 1996.  We may break the first record, definitely not the 2nd.

Obviously this is causing all sorts of “urban” (street/creek/home) flooding.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see more significant mudslides the next 48 hours as well.  If you live near a known mudslide area be alert to any movement!

Two main points for the rest of the day

1. RAIN WILL CHANGE TO LIGHT SHOWERS IN THE NEXT 2 HOURS, then light rain off/on through Tuesday afternoon.  Another slug of heavy rain arrives tomorrow evening/night

2. GUSTY WIND ARRIVES NEXT FEW HOURS.  Not damaging (probably) but enough to topple a few trees with water-logged ground.  Gusts 25-35 mph likely

CASCADE SNOW:  Forget about it…rain is even heavier up there washing the snow away.

RIVER FLOODING:  Looks like we’ve got at least 7 rivers under flood warnings.  Good news for the Willamette River system is that reservoirs are just about empty right now!  But that doesn’t help the small rivers/creeks or the coastal basins since they aren’t covered by flood-control reservoirs.


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  1. matt in the gorge says:

    Mark and all, NWS is calling for 6.5-10″ still tonight through Wed… 0.75-1″ tonight. 4-6″ on Tues and 1.75-3″ on wed. Then snow Thursday -Mon. For up here in cascade locks! Any chance of this? What do you weather pros see?

  2. Jeff says:

    Averages\Extremes for the month of November 2015

    Average temperature = 43.7°F (Coldest November Average temperature on record)
    Average humidity = 85%
    Average dewpoint = 39.1°F
    Average barometer = 30.096 in.
    Average windspeed = 0.4 mph
    Average gustspeed = 1.3 mph
    Average direction = 119° (ESE)
    Rainfall for month = 6.622 in.
    Rainfall for year = 34.488 in. (Average is 36.62” at this time of the year)
    Maximum rain per minute = 0.060 in on day 01 at time 04:03
    Maximum temperature = 63.9°F on day 06 at time 14:16
    Minimum temperature = 26.1°F on day 26 at time 03:53
    Maximum humidity = 100% on day 25 at time 10:29
    Minimum humidity = 36% on day 27 at time 14:30
    Maximum dewpoint = 53.7°F on day 17 at time 18:22
    Minimum dewpoint = 21.1°F on day 27 at time 1:55
    Maximum pressure = 30.45 in. on day 20 at time 10:33
    Minimum pressure = 29.43 in. on day 15 at time 01:13
    Maximum windspeed = 9.2 mph from 293°(WNW) on day 17 at time 17:36
    Maximum gust speed = 29.9 mph from 293°(WNW) on day 17 at time 17:45
    Maximum heat index = 63.9°F on day 06 at time 14:16

    Avg daily max temp :50.4°F
    Avg daily min temp :37.9°F
    Total windrun = 294.2miles
    Frost days= 5

    Record low wind chill temperature = 20.0 on day 29 at time 23:46
    Record daily rain = 1.06” on day 22
    Record rain in 1 hour = 0.45” on day 17 at time 18:08
    Warmest day (6am to 6pm) = 58.3 on day 14
    Coldest night (6pm to 6am) = 29.0 on day 26
    Coldest day (6am to 6pm) = 33.8 on day 30
    Warmest night (6pm to 6am) = 55.4 on day 14

    Daily rain totals

    00.91 in. on day 1
    00.21 in. on day 2
    00.01 in. on day 4
    00.03 in. on day 5
    00.59 in. on day 7
    00.26 in. on day 8
    00.12 in. on day 9
    00.01 in. on day 10
    00.30 in. on day 11
    00.22 in. on day 12
    00.14 in. on day 13
    00.67 in. on day 15
    00.39 in. on day 16
    01.06 in. on day 17
    00.30 in. on day 18
    00.62 in. on day 19
    00.44 in. on day 23
    00.31 in. on day 24
    00.02 in. on day 30

    Records since October 2008

  3. Farmer Ted says:

    “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”

    ~Dwight D. Eisenhower~

  4. Tyler Mode in Battle Ground says:

    5.10″ of rain at my station in the last 7 days!

    1.79″ so far today.

  5. Prairiedog says:

    3.08″ from early yesterday through 3pm today on Clear Creek near Fischers Mill. Our creek is pumping mud.

  6. 2.26″ rain here in the lush tropical jungles in Orchards. 57° at 6pm

  7. () says:

    Not sure where everyone is seeing all of this rain? I’m near Cedar Mill area and it hardly drizzled today?

  8. Boring Oregon says:

    Will the next storm bring as much rain?

  9. JackFrost says:

    Looks like Rob’s poison back tail must have been cut off so instead of strong winds it turned into flooding in Portland and points north.

  10. W7ENK says:

    Mt. Scott Creek flooding neighborhoods and apartments in Milwaukie, roads closed in the area.

    Phillips Creek flooding neighborhoods and streets in Milwaukie/Happy Valley, roads closed in the area.

    Kellogg Creek flooding yards and homes in Milwaukie/Clackamas, roads closed in the area.

    Glen Echo Wetlands and Boardman Creek flooding neighborhoods in Milwaukie/Oak Grove/Gladstone, roads closed between McLoughlin and Oatfield Rd.

    Courtney Springs Creek in Milwaukie, high water reported in the area, road status unknown.

    Spring Creek in Milwaukie, high water reported in the area, road status unknown.

    Crystal Lake Creek in Milwaukie, potential for high water, road status unknown.

    Minthorne Wetlands and Creek, high water reported on SE 37th behind Milwaukie Marketplace, potential for road closure.

    Johnson Creek in Milwaukie/SE Portland is flooding, roads closed all along the area.

    MAX service through Downtown Portland halted or delayed due to high water and power disruptions, no estimate on when service will be restored.

    I may not get back to my car, and even if I do, I may not be able to get home! All of those flooded areas and road closures are generally within a mile or so of my place. I have to cross at least one of those creeks to get home, no matter how far or where I detour to. 😦

  11. G. Carich says:

    Pineapple Express/El Nino/Global Warming: PDX breaks record hi (62F, 3pm) and record hi lo (46F) 12/7. Old: 58F/44F. More sure to follow. “Cold” was nice while it lasted…

  12. Dane Arnett says:

    Hi Mark, the weather is amazing, I have a little over an acre I work in Vancouver and the wind and rain did not stop me. I had to move some leaves around and took advantage of the calm before the storm this morning and my wife videoed me so I ad-libed an “unstoppable moment”, I am a native NW resident been here since I was born in 1960 and have seen some weather here in Oregon and Washington, we never worried about the rain or wind it was just part of growing up here and still is. How do I upload a video to you?

  13. Boring Oregon says:

    Why is there a river on my driveway flowing into my shop? Geez

  14. JohnD says:

    Amazingly intriguing and exciting progressive weather pattern we are in!

  15. paulbeugene says:

    GFS 18z shows another strong low headed to central OR coast on Sunday this weekend. This is a ways out but this solution would yield very low snow levels to the NE of the low with heavy precip bringing down the snow level. It is a warmer version of what we had around New years 2004. Chance of verification low but still worth paying attention to

    • Benjamin (West Salem) says:

      I saw that and agree. This pattern of storms coming in off of the Pacific with such a strong jet and then with colder air later this weekend into next week is very exciting and every storm is worth keeping a close eye on for rain, wind and maybe later on, even snow… Good analysis.

    • Boydo3 N. Albany says:

      Regardless, the pattern change is good for building the snow pack in the mtns.

  16. Joshua Downtown PDX says:

    62 degrees at PDX. What a day! Record rain, strong winds, and perhaps record warmth (Mark?).

  17. paulbeugene says:

    Monday 1pm

    Looks like PDX got the brunt of the valley rains thus far.

    Flooding not a surprise given the circumstances. Bye bye drought.

    Still need to play close attention to the storm forecast to affect the area Wednesday night/Thursday morning. NAM 12 and 18z runs maintain idea of mid 960s tracking toward the Olympic peninsula, while the GFS is keeping main low farther offshore before filling/weakening but is drifting toward the idea (along with the ECMWF model) of developing a low center at the triple point that tracks closer to the coast. As the runs are showing at this time, even the triple point low is far enough offshore to keep strong winds away from I-5 corridor, particularly in Oregon.

    Only a minority of the Euro ensemble members show what I would consider high wind material for Willamette Valley. Still 3 days away, much could change.

    As for the ski areas: Still expecting EVERYTHING to open before Christmas, probably even 12/20. Colder than normal weather seems the rule, in the means, through end of December. Can’t rule out a white christmas yet.

  18. W7ENK says:

    107 PM PST MON DEC 7 2015

    Alsea River Near Tidewater affecting Benton and Lincoln Counties
    Siuslaw River near Mapleton affecting Lane County
    Santiam River At Jefferson affecting Linn and Marion Counties
    Clackamas River at Estacada affecting Clackamas County
    Clackamas River near Oregon City affecting Clackamas County

  19. Now I know where all the rain we were supposed to get last night went to!

  20. W7ENK says:

    Johnson Creek in Clackamas, Multnomah Counties.

    1230 PM PST MON DEC 7 2015

  21. billowen123 says:

    HELLO MARK, Forgive the analogy, but can we call this an El Nino mood swing?

  22. Rob - S.E. Portland says:

    Gusting over 40mph here now. PDX-EUG -7.1mb, PDX-MFR -14.1mb edging towards high wind criteria

  23. Anonymous says:

    3.07″ since yesterday at this time in Newberg.

  24. schmit44 says:

    PDX ended up with 1.90″ in 6 hours (6am to noon).
    Wonder if this is a record?

  25. runrain says:

    But probably no enhanced wind from that fast-approaching dry slot, I guess after all?

  26. Hal in Aims says:

    wind has arrived here……probably will not have power much longer……..

  27. W7ENK says:

    1041 AM PST MON DEC 7 2015

  28. W7ENK says:

    Insane rainfall today!!

  29. Jane - Forest Grove says:

    Appreciate the update from your sick bed!

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