4pm…Wind Arriving in North Valley

It’s not quite a bust, but the wind is a bit delayed a few hours.  Quite confident we won’t hit 60 degrees now but wind and warm temps are still on the way in the next hour or two

Check out the wind gusts in the central/north Willamette Valley in the past hour:

  • 51 mph – Salem
  • 44 mph – McMinnville
  • 46 mph – Scotts Mills
  • 56 mph – Chehalem Mtn

And I just now hear the wind hitting the roof over the studio here on the west side of town.

Enjoy the breezes and warmth…peak gusts likely 35-45 mph in the metro area between now and 7pm


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

21 Responses to 4pm…Wind Arriving in North Valley

  1. Boring Oregon says:


  2. Steven James says:

    Temp 48/dewpoint 46/ 0.43 inches of rainfall in Beaverton … and wind speed? Zero MPH. Some wind storm.

  3. Jason Hougak says:

    The 12Z ECMWF brings a deep low right into NW Oregon for Thursday December 10th. Check it out on the loop.


  4. Jason Hougak says:

    18Z GFS still showing good 850mb temps for mtn snow December 10-19 but has a warm day or so in the middle. Yesterday was at or below freezing the whole time. Can get a bit frustrating model riding. Hopefully the 00Z will drop in some new eye candy!

  5. I didn’t quite see the temperature reach 60 here today, but my maximum of 58.4F would have been the highest for a December day except for last year on Dec.9th (59). The winds seem to be dropping off now, after reach gusts of over 40 mph earlier this afternoon.

  6. Boring Oregon says:

    Have you been working out Mark?! I just saw you on t.v and you look like you lost some weight. Also, can you please fix this so I don’t have to put my name and email in every time? Thanks.

    • Jason Hougak says:

      It’s that ice storm Marks been battling. Fending off those blasted icecles will keep ya in shape. You, me, and Mat have all requested the same thing in regard to the name and email with no success. It’s either too hard or gonna cost too much or both!
      I’m surprised WD hasn’t chimed in on this balmy weather!

    • Jason Hougak says:

      Another reason I think the blog doesn’t save your name or email is in hopes it limits your blog entries… nice try Mark😆

    • Mark Nelsen says:

      Try it now. Yes, I have lost about 8 lbs (not that much) since early October. I was ever so slowly gaining weight the past 2 years.

  7. Mark are we to see this wind for The Dalles in The Columbia River Gorge sometime soon temps are between 34 and 35 and Condon not so good their temperature is dropping and i have family out there that could get more freezing rain and snow at anytime now and they are higher than the Dalles and I have a family member driving back home right now to Condon

    What is this system doing and i hear more snow for the gorge in the forecast to come starting tomorrow is this true?

  8. Rob - S.E. Portland says:

    Well, that was exciting(sarcasm?) I think we’ve learned that elongated systems with multiple waves developing/riding along them rarely pan out to be much more than a quick burst of 25-40mph wind gusts(locally higher). I await the day we have a singular surface low that is well defined on IR/WV imagery with a distinct dry slot and massive comma head/bent-back occlusion. Anyhow, onto the next possibilities of a wind event/storm since models show several deep lows to keep an eye on and with the jet seeming to really consolidate and strengthen we’ll be in a favorable pattern for storminess.

    [Model Countdown]
    00z GFS in 1 hour 45 minutes
    00z GEM in 2 hours 45 minutes
    00z ECMWF in 4 hours 5 minutes

  9. Mark bergal says:

    hardly balmy but the wind is picking up in Beav

  10. Mark bergal says:

    The forecast i just viewed says active weather ahead with no end in sight. Quite a switch from just a couple of months ago, when it was the total opposite.

    • No surprise.

      I took all those “it’s going to be a boring winter because El Niño” forecasts with a big grain of salt, because the strongest El Niños (of which this is definitely one) actually tend to have near-normal precipitation for us. Our El Niño signal is nowhere near a simple as it is further south.

    • “nowhere near as simple” … (expletive deleted) keyboard driver.

  11. If it’s just now hitting northern Oregon, that means it hits my place well after dark when I’m home, giving me full opportunity to “savor” the resulting power outage. Thank you, Murphy.

    Or maybe I luck out and it busts for my neck of the woods.

  12. BruceInTroutdale says:

    Dead calm in Troutdale @ 16:25

  13. Dave in SW PDX (235') says:

    South winds have developed here in Tigard in the past 15 minutes or so, gradually getting stronger. Current temp 48F.

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