Cold Eastside…Much Warmer West


I’m at work a bit early this afternoon because I wanted to take a run and didn’t need to slip and then freeze to death all alone near home out in the Corbett  area.  Good choice, what a difference here at work in Beaverton!  45, calm, and mostly sunny feels positively tropical compared to windchills in the teens and 20s far east metro area.


Speaking of freezing to death, in the past hour the east wind has ramped up and we’re now seeing the strongest wind so far this season.  It’s a 100 mph day on the Keely Chalmers Memorial Steps at Vista House,  but I’m confident no one would want to be out there.  Peak gust 85 mph around noon on that sensor is only 8 below the all-time high the past few winters.  Corbett gusted to 71 mph an hour ago as well and is sitting at or just slightly above freezing…brrr!  Obviously there is going to be a significant ice storm this evening and tonight in the Columbia River Gorge with just a couple degrees evaporational cooling coming up.  Check out the beautiful inversion over Troutdale.  Profiler (in place for this winter and next) shows much warmer above 1,500′ at the exit region of the Gorge:


More later…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


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  1. Boring Oregon says:

    Just to clarify… I won’t be getting any ZR here will I? I ask because when I got home it was 36 but now it’s 33.

  2. Rob - S.E. Portland says:

    34.1 here, Dewpoint 21, with 30-40mph east wind. It’s going to be close if I see ZR as evaporative cooling cools me off a bit further. PDX-DLS nearly -10mb as of 4PM. It is a good thing the moisture is moving in now and not after midnight or I’m more certain I’d see freezing rain. Speaking of east wind as Mark mentioned it is blowing over 100mph up on the steps! The highest recorded gust I’ve heard of was 107mph by Matt Sloan earlier. That’s pretty awesome. It is really neat that we can take a short drive from the city and experience over hurricane force winds on such a regular basis.

    If anyone is interested I documented the rather historic east wind event from last November into early December 2014. Vista House recorded 92mph on November 17th! which means perhaps 120mph on the steps! Hopefully you can read this and won’t need to required to be a member. If so, this is a great time to join!

    • jimbo says:

      Good to hear from you Rob. Hope you will post occasionally if there is anything interesting to watch for like Paul does

    • Rob - S.E. Portland says:

      Thanks, I just might do that. I was feeling a bit nostalgic with this being the 10th birthday of the Blog, so I’ve been posting a bit the past two days.

  3. Trout Lake says:

    What is your prediction for Trout Lake? Ice storm? Or more Snow transitioning to rain?

  4. JJ78259 says:

    Weather Dan is hibernating he should come out at the first 60 degree and sunny day in Salem next year. Should be in the mid 60s low 70s and no rain for the next 10-15 days in San Antonio

    • runrain says:

      The pot calling the kettle. Fascinating!

      Hope Karl gives a Gorge report on the ice storm. Could be an interesting evening.

    • WEATHERDAN says:

      Somebody should help this poor unfortunate scruff with his biology. I posted last on Monday. That’s one whole day. Not hibernation. Believe it or not I have work that needs to get done before my clients pay me.That comes first. But now that I have some free time I am here. I find the weather fascinating but not postworthy. We are in for a fair amount of rain up to around 6k the next few days. Maybe some cooler weather around mid month but mild until then. In other words blah. Have a merry Christmas JJ. Peace.

  5. BruceInTroutdale says:


    Do you know much technical about that “wind profiling radar”? The reason I ask is that part of the spectrum (902 – 928Mhz) is a multi-use/shared band. The FCC allows a lot of Part-15 unlicensed stuff to use that band. But it is also a Ham Band. There are a bunch of us who use that band – but we have to live with the interference from Part-15 devices. We’ve found that most of the crap is in the middle of the band.. so we have our repeaters at the far edges… inputs between 902.000-902.500 and repeater outputs between 927.500 and 928.000. But while Part-15 devices are limited to very low power levels, under Part-97 (Ham radio) we’re allowed to run up to 1500 watts. Part-15 devices have to accept and can’t complain about interference from licensed spectrum users like Hams.

    We have a FM repeater up on Washington’s Larch Mountain which is connect to a national network of 33cm/900Mhz repeaters spanning from Long Island NY to Hawaii, and I used to park and eat my lunch right there near that location and talk on my 15 watt mobile. I’m looking at building a 300 watt amp for that band – and in that case I’m guessing that radar would suffer if I was close by. I’m curious if it’s a narrow-band pulse centered on 915.000Mhz and if so should minimize the trash it throws our way. Can’t guarantee we won’t clobber it depending on how well it’s built. But it’s trying to receive very weak backscatter energy from above – and if we swamped the spectrum with very strong signals I’m guessing it would be unable to resolve those backscatter pulses correctly – if at all.

  6. paulbeugene says:


  7. paulbeugene says:

    Still looking quite wet over next 10-15 days. Looking like 3-5 inches in the valleys west side of Cascades, more north than south. Still looks as if things will cool off by the middle of next week for a chance to get significant snow at pass elevation.

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