A Great Blog Post By Cliff Mass

October 27, 2015

The current state of the “Climate Change” discussion is a mess; at least that’s my opinion.

Here are the problems:

  • A scientific issue has somehow become a political issue
  • Advocacy groups routinely claim almost any extreme weather event is caused by global warming (not true)
  • Skeptics claim humans have nothing to do with the warming, or deny there is any warming (not true)
  • American public isn’t too concerned even after a constant drumbeat of negative news related to CC (polls show this)

I have no interest in doing a long posting related to global warming/climate change, but I sure found a GREAT piece by Professor Cliff Mass today.  I highly recommend you read it.


His main argument is this:  It’s going to warm up quite a bit more, so we’d better adapt!  I think it’s a realistic view, not a doomsday view.  We’ve “made our bed” so now lets figure out how to live in a warmer world.

What do YOU think about his posting?


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen