Hot Afternoon Ahead

September 11, 2015

10am Friday…

Looks like the well-advertised one day of heat is here.  Enjoy because we’re going from August (today and Saturday) to October (Monday) in just a couple of days!  Something for everyone this time around.  Or, the way things go around here, everyone can complain; but at different times.

I feel good about our 94 degree forecast today for several reasons:

  • 850mb temperature (5,000′ temperature) is +23 over Salem this morning, about what models forecast, maybe a degree or so warmer.  +24 is very rare in September, notice that is the maximum observed after the first few days of the month


  • Full sunshine today, minus a bit of smoke from California fires overhead.
  • And, the biggie, offshore flow is a bit stronger than I expected…3-4 millibars through the Columbia River Gorge this morning.  Corbett has gusted to 32 mph and Vista House to 44 mph.  Not sure what I was thinking forecasting east wind 10-15 mph.  That east wind season is almost here.


These 3 factors mean a (2-6pm) scorcher today…stay cool!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen