It’s The Hottest Summer Ever Recorded In Portland

August 31, 2015

You just survived the hottest summer (by far) we’ve seen here in Portland.  The numbers:

BMAC Summer Wrap

BMAC Summer Wrap2

Here is one more graphic NWS just put on their Facebook page…looks like you folks in Salem and Eugene saw your hottest too!


We’ve only got a few hours left in our…


Of course we still get lots of warm weather most Septembers, just like we still get some winter weather in March (most years), but the heat of summer is gone now and this year the timing of the weather change is just about perfect.

By the way, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the first graphic refer to June as the hottest June on record, July is 2nd hottest, and August was 3rd warmest.

In about 10 days we should get the official NCDC stats for the entire USA.   It’ll be interesting to see how much of Oregon/Washington was in record territory for the summer.

The ECMWF weekly maps came out this afternoon and seem to show the same thing they have for a week or so…that after 7-10 days of this cooler weather, we go back into ridging and warmer weather again for a couple of weeks.  That should be a nice wrap-up to summer with more comfortable mid-September “heat”.  I doubt we’ve seen our last 90.  But if we’re lucky we’ve seen our last 95!









One more note, it appears we set (or tied) 8 record highs, 9 (warm) record lows, and of course a new record for days above 90 degrees.


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen