10am: All-Time August Wind Gust At PDX

PDX just had a gust to 41 mph at 9:52am, the strongest ever recorded in the month of August.  I see about 150 power outages in PGE territory.  Actual number of customers out isn’t very high (just a few thousand), but lots of small outages

Updated numbers…increased speeds this hour are in bold.

  • Cape Disappointment 61 70
  • Astoria 45  62
  • Cannon Beach 60
  • Garibaldi 61  74
  • Tillamook 38 46
  • Oceanside 77
  • Pacific City 65 68
  • Lincoln City 52
  • Gleneden Beach 53  56
  • Newport 58
  • Waldport 59
  • Yachats 56

Wind gusts now right where we have been expecting in the metro area:

  • Portland 37 41 (39 mph is all-time August peak wind gust)
  • Troutdale 35  36 38
  • Corbett 34
  • Scappoose 30 33
  • Ridgefield 37 41
  • Vancouver 25
  • Forest Grove 31  36 38
  • Hillsboro 35
  • McMinnville 32 35
  • Aurora 32 45
  • Scotts Mills 36
  • Estacada 35
  • Salem 35  36 39
  • Happy Valley 33  39
  • Chehalem Mtn 48

Here’s a pic of a 77 mph Maximum anemometer peak gust at Oceanside.  Thanks to Adella MacDonald

11893729_952659144792972_7736405694998475294_o (1)

8 Responses to 10am: All-Time August Wind Gust At PDX

  1. Eugene Dave says:

    All we got in Eugene is a lousy tenth of an inch. The ground easily swallowed that up. There’s no way this storm will give us “the most rain since march”, like the NWS mentioned. A bit disappointing so far. I’m sick of dry, crunchy, dead/dormant grass everywhere.

    • Farmer Ted says:

      Disappointment you bring on yourself, listening and believing, trusting in others to speak the truth they know nothing of.

  2. WEATHERDAN says:

    .23 of rain is all Salem has gotten from this system so far. We had a TRW this morning about 3:00 AM. We received .16 from this storm and a little more since. But no gullywasher. Currently 70 and partly cloudy. Peak wind gust in Salem so far is 39 MPH. Impressive for August. As far as the rain I suspect we will see another .25 or so between now and Tuesday. Sure feels nice outside. Peace.

  3. lmh says:

    So where’s the rain we were supposed to get. All I see is blue skies. We need rain not wind.

  4. B1900 Pilot says:

    Seems to still be peaking here in North Bethany at 11:00.

  5. Garron by Hillsboro Airport says:

    It feels pretty awesome outside! Just sitting here in t-shirt and shorts with the wind whipping. It is much more comfortable now that the dew point is dropping from the 60’s to the 50’s. Not surprised that the rainfall is underachieving this morning. Usually the case with these windstorm type events. A band of showers, followed by sunbreaks!

  6. David B. says:

    Wind just starting to pick up here, basically right on schedule.

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