Yuck! Thick Smoke Over Metro Area Today

August 22, 2015

I mentioned last night that smoke from Washington fires would move in on east wind today but this is the thickest I’ve ever seen in the metro area.  It’s nothing new this time of the year in other parts of the Northwest; but it just happened to be directed right at us today instead of east of the mountains.  This is normal at times in Bend and other eastside cities in late summer.  This is what it looked like at midday overhead:


Overnight and tomorrow the smoke will thin some, but it’ll still be hazy like we’ve seen a few times over the past several weeks.  Then a westerly wind will push just about all the smoke out of here starting about 24 hours from now.  By tomorrow evening skies should be much improved.

 Air quality was just about the worst I have seen in the metro area in summer too; you can see the sudden increase in pollutants after 11am:


This is the first time I’ve busted a forecast because of smoke…we didn’t get hot weather today because too much sunlight was blocked.  Only reaching the mid-upper 80s.  Less smoke tomorrow should mean warmer temps.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen