At Least It’s a Dry Heat

July 3, 2015


I’ve noticed the past few days have been very hot in the afternoon hours as the sun pounds down on me between car-work-store etc…

Yet in the mornings and evenings it’s not so bad…part of the reason is that we’ve had nice low dewpoints (moisture in the air).  They’ve been well down into the 50s most of the time.  That’s our classic “dry heat” here in the Pacific Northwest.  None of that sweaty stuff we had last weekend.

Due to the dry air, the Heat Index (a “feels like” temperature measurement) has been quite low over our area.  Compare that to some notoriously sweaty areas:


Key West (Florida) was 8 degrees cooler than Salem today, yet the heat index value was 10 degrees hotter!  I can attest to the heavy and sweaty feel to the air down there; that’s where I spent a few days early in June on vacation.  One bonus down there is that there’s usually some sort of easterly breeze.

There was a fire today near Mt. Adams and Oca Hoeflein’s Mt. Adams camera captured the smoke plume nicely.

Notice how it died down around sunset.  It’s possible the fire ran into the burned out area from 2012.  All through  September 2012 the Cascade Fire burned out much of the south/west sides of the mountain, eventually reaching 19,000 acres:


When a fire moves into a recently burned area there isn’t much left to burn!  Just grasses and small brush.

You may remember another large fire, the Cold Springs Fire, which burned about 8,000 acres on the SE side of the mountain in 2008.

Fireworks weather looks great tomorrow, temperatures in the 70s to around 80 right as most fireworks begin at 10pm.  Have a fun and safe holiday!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen