Record Temps Today; More Heat Tomorrow

11pm Friday…

Portland hit 95 today, but that was one of the “cooler” metro area temps:


Salem hit 100 and you can check out the triple-digit heat east of the Cascades and in Southern Oregon!


It’s been a crazy June, the warmest we’ve seen since PDX became the official Portland observation site around 1940.  It’s also likely the warmest we’ve seen since record-keeping began downtown just 10 years after the Civil War!

Some more records…today was the 6th day at/above 90 degrees here, which ties the June record.  We’ll break it tomorrow.


Due to the very hot and extremely dry conditions, Multnomah County has taken the unprecedented step of banning all open flames…INCLUDING FIREWORKS until further notice.  Luckily that’ll save me some money and it’ll be

Thunderstorms did develop as expected in the central/southern Cascades and they lasted long enough for one strike up around Detroit.  They are done now but expect another round tomorrow afternoon/evening farther north.  We MIGHT see some lightning to our east this time Saturday evening.

Still a chance for a thunderstorm through the day Sunday, then increasing onshore flow plus best dynamics shifting the action north and east mean we’re done with that threat.

Once we get past a scorcher tomorrow (slightly warmer with light wind), a good marine push plus lots of high/mid clouds Sunday means at least a 10 degree drop in high temps.

Temps stay reasonable Monday-Tuesday…in the mid-upper 80s, then a 2nd heat wave arrives Wednesday through the 4th of July.

How hot is “Round 2” going to be later next week?  Morning models were real scorchers with easterly wind likely pushing temperatures to around 100 again over Independence Day weekend.  00z GFS not quite as crazy, but it’s pretty clear we have a 2nd heatwave as we head into the the 4th of July holiday weekend.

Stay cool this weekend!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

69 Responses to Record Temps Today; More Heat Tomorrow

  1. schmit44 says:

    6/28/2015 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:113 at BARNHT( 894 ft)
    Low: 83 at Butler Grade(1789 ft)

    High:56 at Newport(30 ft)
    Low: 47 at CROW FLAT (5172 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 50 degrees
    CW1102 Wallowa (106/56 ) (2946 ft )

    Heaviest Rainfall:
    0.36″ at EW1810 Lostine(3376ft)
    0.33″ at BROWNS WELL(4565ft)

  2. MasterNate says:

    YAY! Only 90 on the 4th on the new 7 day. I hope the trend continues down to about 80.

    • MasterNate says:

      Well, after looking at the models, I don’t think that temp will hold. Looks like a scorcher.

  3. Just a few sprinkles coming down here over the last 5 hours, but the radar map is showing some heavier precipitation coming our way late tonight. I ‘m happy about that, except for one small thing: It could mean we won’t end up the month with a new record for driest June this year.

    • Boring Oregon says:

      I don’t think it’s gonna rain or thunder cause all the clouds are dissipating.

  4. runrain says:

    Today was an perfect example of a typiical rainy day in April in Portland, here in northern Vermont. Drizzly and mid-50’s. Felt just like home, very green and chilly dampness in the air. Some improvement early this next week.

  5. David B. says:

    Pretty much a temperature forecast bust west of the Cascades today. Virtually every station was significantly cooler than its forecast high temperature, thanks to the showers and particularly the clouds.

  6. Taylor says:

    I’m seeing some clouds that have an anvil like shape in Happy Valley. I think it’s likely we see some thunder and lightning.

  7. schmit44 says:

    06-28-2015: max min…. Walla Walla hits 113 today one degree short of the all-time record temperature of 114

  8. David B. says:

    Max of 77 after a low of 61 this morning. Had a few hours of sun this morning otherwise it was an overcast day. Difference between high and low was more like one would expect on a winter day, not a summer one.

  9. Paul D says:

    That “88” for today on the 7-day forecast is looking a bit iffy! Maybe lower 80’s?

  10. WEATHERDAN says:

    75 now after a low of 65. Partly sunny at present. Altocumulus Castellanus and cirrus present. 8/10 cloudy. Wind 240 at 6. Not a big marine push this morning. DP still fairly high. If it remains partly cloudy and we don’t get any pesky TRW then 85 to around 90 seems plausible. But if we get any rain at all we will stay around 80. Monday looks brighter and sunnier especially in the afternoon. Upper 80,s and lower 90,s. Sunny and low 90,s on Tuesday. Then much hotter Wednesday and Thursday with upper 90,s by Wednesday and Triple digits by Thursday. Can’t get much better than this. Peace.

  11. Lee Wilson says:

    It’ll be what? You either got side tracked or the heat got to you…you didn’t finish the sentence?

    Unprecedented? All open flames? Does that include grills both be and charcoal?

    • Lee Wilson says:

      Got some rain but mainly dry ..

      After the Thunder stopped I went out and wacked some weed.

      The Yeti 400 did well in handling the weed wacker.

  12. David B. says:

    A sultry night here. Low of 61 after 85 yesterday. This morning’s warm-up has been rapid; it’s 73 presently. But clouds are REALLY starting to build, and there’s a 30% thunderstorm chance in the NWS forecast.

    Given how it feels outside, and how the sky looks, I think it’s going to happen.

    • David B. says:

      Radar has lots of echoes to the south, heading my way….

    • David B. says:

      Thunder now audible….

    • David B. says:

      Just a few light sprinkles so far, not even enough to thoroughly wet pavement. So it looks like it’s the typical “a few thunderclaps and sprinkles then it’s done” affair for me.

      Now 70 degrees. Cooler than it was at 9:00 AM. Looks unlikely today will end up the sort of scorcher yesterday was.

  13. Boring Oregon says:

    I’m kinda curious, is this turning into more of a west side event?

    • lilfoot123 says:

      The radar shows it going up I-5 not any further in

    • David B. says:

      Yeah, I’m just west of Seattle and the action (such as it is) is up this way now.

    • Garron near Washington square says:

      So far, this is looking like a non event. Most of the short wave went well off shore, now heading in to Seattle. We’ll see if we have enough day time heating with all these clouds to get the instability we need. So far no lightning detected, but things could easily change in the late afternoon.

  14. lilfoot123 says:

    We have had thunder & rain in Longview! Loving it!

  15. Lee Wilson says:

    We have Lightning here in Castle Rock ,Wa

  16. Dave in SW PDX (235') says:

    I’ve heard a few distant rumbles of thunder in the last 15 minutes or so, could be from those cells currently over the Aloha/Hillsboro area.

  17. schmit44 says:

    6/27/2015 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:113 at JUNIPR( 359 ft) & UMATILLA RIVER N(362 ft)
    Low: 80 at DW1028 Ajax(2090 ft)

    High:56 at Port Orford(0 ft) & YACHTS Yachats(82 ft)
    Low: 47 at CRAZYMAN FLAT (6180 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 48 degrees
    DW1597 Troy (109/61 ) (1612 ft )
    CW1102 Wallowa (101/53) (2946 ft)
    EW1810 Lostine (101/53) (3376 ft)

    Heaviest Rainfall:
    0.56″ at CW9027 Ukiah(3415ft)

  18. West winds to 17mph at Corvallis now. Some kind of marine push perhaps in the south valley.

  19. Paul D says:

    92 in Hillsboro today. Those clouds were WONDERFUL!

  20. Went up to 34.2C (93.6F) today at my place. That’s the hottest temperature I’ve seen for any day in June since 1970.

  21. Jason Hougak says:

    My dad had a guy staining his deck yesterday and left his stain rags on the deck while he left for lunch. The rags spontaneously combusted and caught fire and burned up a 6 foot area, the decking 4X8 floor joists and a 4×4 post for the deck covering. If the cleaning lady had not been there and noticed the whole house could have gone up. Boring fire was there just in time to knock it out. Just a reminder of how dangerous this hot weather and combustible materials are. Today is rather nice with good cloud deck and steady south wind. Got some big rain drops for about a half hour earlier. Clouds looking like some thunderstorm development will be occurring.

  22. WEATHERDAN says:

    A few years ago we had Juneuary. Now we have Junuly. Wednesday our scorching hot June turns into an even hotter July. 100 yesterday and 71 for a minimum this morning. Around 90 now and should be another warm night. An epic Summer so far with more to come. It looks like we stay locked in this pattern for quite some time. I believe with the exception of December of 2013 and November of 2014 we have been above average every month since April of 2013. Also June of 2015 will be either the 6th or 7th month over the last year or so that are all time record warm months. So you had better get used to the heat because it looks to be a very hot Summer. Enjoy your weekend y’all. Peace.

  23. alohabb says:

    Doubt we get to 90!

  24. Dave in SW PDX (235') says:

    It’s currently warmer at 7000′ on Mt. Hood (81°) than it is at 235′ here at home (79°):

    The overnight low at Meadows base area (5380′) was a balmy 68°, only 1 degree cooler than my overnight low of 69°:

  25. Paul D says:

    Still cloudy in Hillsboro and 6 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. Looks like that 100 degree possibility is fading!!! Maybe cooler than yesterday????

    • Lurkyloo says:

      I’m hoping for that, Paul. It’s very comfortable right now — fingers crossed that it stays this way!

    • Paul D says:

      I’m surprised it’s still cloudy! This is a big relief to the 100+ forecast!!

  26. Paul D says:

    It’s rather cloudy. Was that expected? Hopefully not, and it won’t get as hot as yesterday.

  27. Seahawks Fan - East Vancouver says:

    112 anyone?

  28. Tyler Mode in Battle Ground says:

    Low of 65 here in Battle Ground. I’ve only been keeping records since 2010 out here, but I’ve never had a low above 60 in June so to break it by that much says something.

    Lots of clouds around which may prevent a 100 degree high today.

  29. Michael says:

    Should ban fireworks everywhere in drought ridden dry conditions like this. Ban all fireworks everywhere due to the terror threats on the 4th.

  30. runrain says:

    70° and partly sunny here in Boston yesterday. Expecting the same today, except fairly heavy rain moving in overnight, clearing on Sunday.

  31. Boring Oregon says:

    I’m glad I’m not in Multnonah county cause what would July 4th be without fireworks?

  32. Hopeful that this pattern doesn’t last all summer.

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