Vacation Update

June 10, 2015

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m on vacation this week.  Hot and sweaty in Florida, as it always is in June!  We’ve seen some nice thunderstorm action three different days and Tuesday evening was great after dark with lightning flashing around the theme parks but not too much rain.  After my daughter spent almost all of the last trip in the hospital, I thought she should get a chance to go back and see all the Harry Potter stuff at Universal Resort in Orlando.  We’ve been here 3 days, then we’ll do 1 at Disney and 1 at the beach (Melbourne) before heading home.

After yesterday evening’s thunderstorm the crowds cleared out and the sky looked like home (in winter).  That plus the “snowy” buildings made for a great picture that definitely doesn’t look like Central Florida!  Don’t let it fool you, it was warm and sweaty at the time.