Nice Lightning Show Overnight

June 1, 2015

Check out the lightning strikes across the region last night:


Notice we didn’t have any recorded cloud to ground strikes right IN the metro area, but it was all around us:


Keep in mind that lightning detection is not perfect, and once in a while a strike could show up that wasn’t detected.

Models had shown and I mentioned at 10pm that we could see some lightning after the midnight hour and sure enough storms popped up in the wee hours of the morning.  Gabor Gardonyi caught this strike in the Gorge just before sunrise:


Like any other weather geek, I got home, opened the bedroom curtains and windows, and waited to wake up to the first flash or rumble.  I think my wife was annoyed, but so it goes being married to a meteorologist.  Of course the payback is that I’m tired now and wish I didn’t have to be up late tonight for work!

The disappointing part is that these storms didn’t drop much rain for most of us.  PDX only has .04″ of rain and I got .09″ here at home east of Corbett.  Too bad, because we need a soaking after a very dry April and May.  Here’s the radar estimate, which doesn’t do real well in our mountainous terrain.  But you get the idea:


We had quite a marine push overnight as expected too.  I remember way back on Tuesday or Wednesday while on-air I told Shauna Parsons today would be cloudy and cool and now it has arrived.  Enjoy the cool since we have unusually warm weather coming again this weekend, probably our first spell of hot weather this season.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen