4:40pm: Lots of Storms, not much in Valley yet

So far we’ve only seen one thunderstorm in the lowest elevations…just north of North Plains.  But looking from our Skyline Cam the sky sure looks ominous.  Temperatures are in the mid-upper 70s now too which should allow SOMETHING to pop up anywhere in the metro area in the next couple of hours.

A cluster of strong storms northwest of Mt. St. Helens have likely produced large hail over uninhabited area in Lewis County.  Possibly nickel to quarter size about a half hour ago:


Nice timelapse don’t you think?

We’ll see how it goes the next few hours!

…Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

17 Responses to 4:40pm: Lots of Storms, not much in Valley yet

  1. Lee Wilson says:

    It appears that perhaps 11,000 need to think about getting back up generator.

    Please understand i am not mocking any one who lost power..but if tv stations and radio stations have back up generators,why not the regular joe? What is the harm in being prepared?

    • W7ENK says:


      Why spend $1,200 on a generator you might use for a couple hours once every few years when you can spend $12 on a handful of candles and a good book? Better yet, forget the candles and the book and go to bed early.

  2. Jason Hougak says:

    Finally had a round of lightning and thunder with a good rain in foothills above Sandy/ Estacada. Appears another cell is pushing west over the crest right now. Spectacular sunset among the stormy sky.

  3. Hal in Aims says:

    well, that beauty that was near lost lake a bit ago is sliding way south of us now as it collapses………sigh…….and it’s still to light for a light show……..and no rain…

  4. Boring Oregon says:

    Well looks like I’m in the clear for the day. Nothing really happened at all on the east metro or cascade foothills, any potential t-storm for us has been camped out around mt.hood for awhile now and hasn’t really moved at all for the past hour.

  5. Jason Hougak says:

    The Central Cascades have been under the heavy precipitation all day, this will help fill some of those reservoirs. Rain totals should be impressive.

  6. WhiteEagle - Garden Home / SW Portland says:

    Frequent to constant thunder in Garden Home, but distant. Been going on about an hour and a half… just like east coast days!

  7. Paul D says:

    It’s dropped 8 degrees in the last hour in Hillsboro. Thank you, clouds!

  8. Hal in Aims says:

    look what just blew up near I-5/205………..

  9. Garron near Washington square says:

    Some distant rumbles, (4) so far.

  10. Wendy-Silverlake, Wa says:

    Still almost nonstop thunder up here. It’s been going on for hours. Just started raining.

  11. WEATHERDAN says:

    76 and partly cloudy in Salem at 4:45 PM. No storms yet but a real nice day for May. Peace.

  12. Garron near Washington square says:

    It really looks like a dome over the I 5 corridor, but we’ll see if something pops in the next 3 hours…It sure looks promising looking at the clouds outside right now…

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