Siberian Smoke Likely Back For Bright Orange Sunrises & Sunsets

April 29, 2015

10pm Wednesday…

Did you see the sunset tonight? Some areas were clear enough that we could see a very orange sun as it sank to the horizon. It appears another “cloud” of smoke/haze is back…most likely from fires in Siberia. Here’s the 6pm smoke discussion from NESDIS:

…A large area of unknown aerosols is moving in from the Pacific Ocean over the US Pacific Northwest and southwestern Canada. Models suggest this area may contain blowing dust from Asia as well as smoke from Siberian fires…

And a blog from NASA says the smoke is moving across the Pacific on the east-flowing jet stream.  Here’s a quick screen capture:


So enjoy the bright sunsets we’ll probably see the next few days.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen