82 Degrees Monday: Warmest This Year

Quite an April “scorcher” out there today:


The 82 degree high at PDX was above our forecast of 80 degrees.  Not quite a record (86 in 1987), but 18 degrees above average!  The Salem sounding at 5pm showed an 850mb temp of +14.6 degrees.  In non-meteorological jargon: The temperature around 5,000′ elevation over Salem was about 58 degrees.  It could have been even warmer;  my chart for April shows easterly flow, solid sunshine, and a +14 has seen a Portland high temp as high as 85!  Models had shown +12 or +13, thus the forecast of 80.

Maybe more amazing is the jump from yesterday.  The high temp jumped 21 degrees in one day, which I haven’t seen happen in the spring.  Of course we’ve seen it drop 20 degrees in one day (tomorrow?) due to a major marine push and/or a cold front passage.

The easterly pressure gradient has increased this afternoon and evening, giving a peak gust over 50 mph at Crown Point and 40 mph at Corbett.  It’ll back off dramatically by sunrise as low marine clouds flood into the valley.

We’ve got a weak cold front moving inland tomorrow so expect some showers but not a big soaking.  In fact I don’t see any other decent chance for rain in the next 7-8 days.  This might be a year in which we start watering in May unless a trough materializes the middle of next week with a nice soaking (.50″ or more).  Both the 18z GFS meteogram and 12z ECMWF meteogram showed less than 1/2″ in the next 7-10 days.



It does looks like a very mild and “settled” weather pattern over the next week.  By that I mean that after tomorrow’s disturbance moves past we see the action lift north.  This is typically what we see later in May and June.  So temperatures warm to above average over the next week.  This may be a re-emergence of the ridging we’ve seen so often over the past year or so.  Take a look at last night’s ECMWF monthly run.  One map representing the average height anomalies for each week.





Same sort of splitty pattern we’ve seen recently with lower than normal heights to our south and higher than normal to our north and northwest.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

24 Responses to 82 Degrees Monday: Warmest This Year

  1. Rita Martin says:

    My husband and I live in Lebanon, and recently signed up for direct tv…We are only 58 miles from Eugene but found out we did not get news or weather from that area. We also discovered that the Portland stations report on news and weather as far south as Salem, but seldom cover Albany, Lebanon or Corvallis. We have a nursery business and really need local weather…Please consider reporting our weather…Thank you very much.

  2. schmit44 says:

    4/28/2015 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:83 at Rye Valley(I-84(2230 ft) & UMATILLA(270 ft) & CW1244 Pendleton(1145 ft) & ECHO(758 ft) & MISSON(1256 ft) & CW2049 Imnaha(1978 ft)
    Low: 57 at JUNIPR(359 ft) & WYETH(102 ft)

    High:46 at ABRNAT(4480 ft)
    Low: 16 at CROW FLAT (5172 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 57 degrees
    CROW FLAT (73/16 ) (5172 ft )

    Heaviest Rainfall:
    0.60″ at BLAZED ALDER(3650ft)
    0.50″ at SADDLE MOUNTAIN(3250ft)
    0.50″ at SOUTH FORK BULL(2630ft)
    0.46″ at DW6659 Colton(825ft)

  3. Jason Hougak says:

    So they’re saying strong El Niño, just kick the ski areas in the balls again.
    El Niño/ La Niña cascade snowfall records. Who knows there’s always a wild card… like last “winter”

    • Farmer Ted says:

      what is your selfish self serving diatribe all about anyway besides real boring?

    • High Desert Mat says:

      I think farmer boy Ted needs to stick to what he does best, take sheep and cattle camping so that they walk bow legged. Leave the blogging to us weather geeks and do us all a favor and go tie something up.

    • Boring Oregon says:

      Mat- Everbody has a right to this blog. Especially farmers because they will be the people hit hardest by this drought.

    • Dringus says:

      Yeah Mat, Farmer’s incomprehensible and bizarre anger at someone pointing out El Nino might lead to another winter of dry weather in a lighthearted way is totally fine because his username is Farmer Ted.

      In unrelated news, I have a ginger friend who has more right to complain about hot weather on this blog due to being sunburned more easily and another buddy who is excited for it because he can’t swim very well and looks forward to slower rivers.

  4. Tyler Mode in Battle Ground says:

    Not often you see a midnight high and a mid afternoon low temp in April.

    63/53 so far here today. Wind gusting to 22 mph with just a trace of rain so far.

  5. oldwxwatcher says:

    It felt quite muggy, with a dewpoint in the mid-50s most of the day. Certainly hope that isn’t a harbinger of things to come. We had enough of that the past couple of years.

    • Garron near Washington square says:

      I’m only guessing here, but today looks equally muggy. With temps climbing another 3-5 degrees, into the upper 60’s and a shower front approaching with dewpoints already in the low 50’s, we might get close to DP’s of yesterday…

  6. W7ENK says:

    I honestly didn’t think it would get that warm, but it did. 84 degrees yesterday, after the previous day’s high of 63 and an overnight low of 49. A one day jump of 21 degrees and a diurnal change of 35 degrees in April is almost unprecedented for this area.

    At any rate, yesterday was fantastic! It won’t be long before we can start stringing together several days like that in a row… I can’t wait!! 😀

  7. Lee Wilson says:

    This morning was nice an comfortable as well. But is wish some one couldntake that ridging away.

  8. Lee Wilson says:

    Wow, really nice weather. We went to the park yesterday even watch life flight come in as it circled Lake Sacajewea (sorry folks droid won’t. Let me spell it ) as it was making it approach to land at St Jhons medical center. .

    Our sons sunscreen wore off so we had to leave early.

    I can not wait until summer events begin.

  9. Quite a change to warmer air here yesterday too, though not quite as dramatic a jump. My place got up to 69F (20.4C), and probably would have been higher if the clearing had started around noon instead of near 2pm. looking back to April 27, 1987, that was the day we reached 81F: A perfect “summer day” in spring!

  10. Brian Leroy says:

    Interesting that strong el nino bring more snow for MT and lowlands then weak el nino so with that said I hope It comes to pass, thanks Cliff who needs La nina for a cold/snowy winter.

  11. Brian Leroy says:

    There’s always june gloom to look forward too so if we have a hot/dry May then june will put us back into place, so no worry about brown lawns before august here.

  12. schmit44 says:

    4/27/2015 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:90 at MERLIN SEED ORCH(1144 ft)
    Low: 56 at HEPP(311 ft) & NERRS METEOROLOG(9 ft)

    High:47 at HOWARD Mt Howard(8150 ft)
    Low: 11 at CROW FLAT (5172 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 55 degrees
    CROW FLAT (66/11 ) (5172 ft )

  13. nanes 48 says:


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