Air Force Dumping USA models

April 21, 2015


I just read some interesting articles and blog posts about a major change in the US Air Force.  They are dumping their WRF model (and support) and instead going with a UK model!

Here’s an article from The Capital Weather Gang.

And a blog post from Cliff Mass up at the UW.

I don’t have any great thoughts about it because I just now read the articles myself.  Seems like a bad move in general though.

Today was crazy wasn’t it?  We dropped from 81 yesterday to 62 today.


At one point this evening (around 5pm) we were running about 25 degrees below yesterday at the same time!

That’s all, not much weather happening except a huge cooldown in progress.  Snow flurries may stick down to around 3,000′ tomorrow morning!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen