Cool Start to April, plus ECMWF Weekly Maps

I’ve been a bit lazy posting the last week or so…partly busy, but also less inspired during the warmer half of the year.

Our upper-level ridge that has dominated the weather quite a bit over the past year or so has been taking a break.  Check out the first two weeks of April compared to February.  APRIL VS FEB In Astoria, Salem, & Eugene it has been COLDER than the same period in February!  That’s quite a change in the general weather pattern for us.   For the first time since November we’ve had a two week spell of chilly weather.

In spite of the current and forecast warm weather we are in, the ECMWF model doesn’t show strong ridging coming back.  That said, the flow may be splitting quite a bit over the next few weeks.  We can see that on the 1-2 week maps and also last night’s run of the ECMWF out to one month.

Here are Weeks 1 & 2:



Cool troughs want to split off and head to our south far more often than we would typically see in late April.   You can see that in the below normal heights over the southern half of the West Coast.

Then Week 3:


About average heights over us.

Week 4 shows nothing of interest…about average:


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

17 Responses to Cool Start to April, plus ECMWF Weekly Maps

  1. Brian Leroy says:

    I think record days in the 90’s and 100’s is sure bet this summer, call It wishcasting or whatever, but given the long term forecast and other factors it’s prob gonna happen.

  2. Garron near Washington square says:

    Also of interest during the boring weather periods…I have been hearing that Japan is monitoring a possible earthquake alert. Sent by dolphin/whales, the beaching of said animals occurred 6 days before the last 9. earthquake that occurred a few years ago. It is now happening again…

  3. Garron near Washington square says:

    Portland and Hillsboro +5 degrees from this time yesterday…64 vs. 59 degrees. I suspect someone in the valley is going to hit 80 today.

  4. Boydo3 N. Albany elev. just under 500' says:

    I don’t care what the models show, I’m planting tomatoes, peppers, corn and onions this weekend……….. 😉

  5. schmit44 says:

    4/16/2015 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:83 at AGNESS2( 247 ft)
    Low: 53 at Brookings (US 10(150 ft)

    High:42 at CW7477 Lostine(7002 ft) & HOWARD Mt Howard(8150 ft)
    Low: 5 at CROW FLAT (5172 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 57 degrees
    CROW FLAT (62/5 ) (5172 ft )

  6. Mark, could this splitting result in more severe weather for the Plains? Just a random thought.

  7. Paul D says:

    How’s the snow pack doing these days?

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