Monday: Last Warm & Dry Day

10pm Sunday…

You’ve got less than 24 hours to finish up any projects that need more than a few hours of dry weather. I see a long stretch of cool & wet weather beginning tomorrow night.


It really does look like payback time for the unusually warm end to winter (February) and start to spring (March).  The latest numbers for this warm period are amazing…


A quick look further back in time shows only in early spring 1992 did we have as many 60 degree days as we’ve seen this year!

Our persistent ridge of high pressure that’s been sitting overhead or to the west of us for the last few months is going to take a break.  It appears the ridge is going to disappear for at least the first half of April.  That doesn’t mean the rest of spring will be cold and wet, we don’t know that.  It just means we’ll make up some snowpack in the Cascades.  Too late to salvage the ski season of course now that Spring Break has finished and we move on to warm weather activities, but it will help the drought situation in some spots.

How much rain ahead?  The GFS model shows around 2.00″ over the next 10 days.


ECMWF model isn’t quite as wet, more like 1.00-1.50″.  Both are wetter than normal for this time of year.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

7 Responses to Monday: Last Warm & Dry Day

  1. Jason Hougak says:

    Best run of 850mb temps I’ve seen since Christmas to New Years. Snow level bottoming out in the 2500′ range! I’ve had 4″ of snow in April before so I’d not rule out a possible freak April snow here at 1300′ after this “winter!”

  2. Welcome back, Mark. It’s been “pay-back time” up where I live for the past 10 days(if not more): I’ve had more rain since the 20th than all of February! Hopefully, most of the rain forecasted for your area will miss B.C. We’ve had enough!

    • David B. says:

      Yesterday was dry here (Seattle area) but I looked at the radar and noticed that there was a steady stream of precipitation coming onshore. It didn’t seem to get much further south than about Bellingham.

    • Dringus says:

      Yeah I was up in Vancouver BC for the Timbers game last weekend. Friday and most of Saturday were really nice but it was pouring rain when I left town Sunday.

  3. On the news around 10:08 I heard Mark talk about something that normally blooms in late April / early May. Was it hawthorne?

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