East Wind Season Has Ended

March 10, 2015

November through February is our “East Wind Season” in the Portland metro area and in the west end of the Columbia River Gorge.  Did it seem like a windy winter?  It was.  I’m working on a winter weather presentation and finished this graphic which makes the point:


The east wind disappears (mostly) in March because the land starts warming and we lose the inversions so prevalent in winter.  West wind starts to show up in the Gorge later in March and April as higher pressure tends to build offshore more often and fronts bring surges of the wind through the eastern end.

By April we only get gusty easterly wind with thermal troughs and much warmer than normal weather.  From June through August it only blows during heat waves and rarely gets very strong.

Don’t worry if you missed it this year…it’ll be back again in November!  Like an old friend…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen