Snow Finally Arriving In Cascades

February 25, 2015

10pm Wednesday…

Finally, an inch or two of snow on Mt. Hood this evening as moisture arrives.   Can you believe this?


Government Camp, at 4,000′ has only seen 2″ of snow in TWO MONTHS! That’s just about unprecedented in mid-winter.

There’s a decent chance we have hit bottom for “snow water equivalent” (snowpack on the ground).  Most of the Cascades average around 10% of normal.



Obviously it is too late now to make up for all that lost snow…the snow season will end up below normal even if we have lots of snow in March and April.  The question is just “how far below normal” will it end up.

I expect up to a foot of new snow at/above 5,000′ in the Cascades by Saturday morning when the snowfall ends:


Spring break is only slightly over 3 weeks away and 10 day maps don’t show a real wet pattern.  Definitely a little bit wetter than what we’ve seen over the past two weeks, but not a huge snowy setup for the mountains.  The 00z GFS shows less than 1.50″ precip for us in the next 15 days.  The 12z ECMWF has about 1.30″ precip in the next 10 days.

So the good news…

  • Up to 12″ new snow the next two days at the ski resorts
  • Sunny skies and bluebird conditions BOTH Saturday & Sunday
  • Expect lots of people due to pent-up demand for good snow!
  • A little more snow Monday, then mainly dry next week

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen