January Inversion Is Back

January 6, 2015

Hmmm, seems like we’ve done this recently.  That’s right…January we’ve seen some of our strongest east wind and longest foggy periods the past few years.  Here we are again.  The view from our Skyline Camera at 10pm:


I made a gamble in last night’s forecast; that the clouds would linger through the night and then break in the morning, giving us a very warm day.  Instead the clouds broke in the middle of the night and fog developed.  Now what happens in January with no wind and a foggy morning?  Yes, the fog doesn’t go away quickly, if at all.  As a result high temps stayed in the 40s.

Meanwhile the warmest airmass in over a month has arrived above the cool air here in the valleys.  At 10pm it’s warmer at Timberline (52) than New Orleans, Houston, & Pensacola!  A bit lower, on the west slopes of the Cascades and in Coast Range, temperatures soared into the 60s.  MarkInversion_70s  Tomorrow we may even see a 70 in a spot or two.

What about the fog?  If you live south of Tualatin I think it’s unlikely you see any sun the next 3 days.  Yes, that means in Salem it’ll likely be gloomy through the end of the workweek.  Increasing easterly wind out of the Gorge is going to clear out most of the metro area by tomorrow afternoon though.  That east wind will reach “winter-strength” (gusts 60-70 in Gorge and 30-40 east metro) Thursday and may clear out skies all the way down to Woodburn or so.  If you are lucky.

Enjoy the sun at the higher elevations and take some Vitamin D pills if you live in the Valley the next few days…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen