A Christmas Miracle In Cascades: Lots of Snow On The Way

December 22, 2014

What a change a few days can make.  As mentioned in the previous posting the snow level was slow to rise Saturday, then quicker to lower than expected Sunday.  Add a few more inches last night and suddenly at the 5,000′ elevation we’ve got 18″ or so on the ground.  We’ve been expecting a cold front to move through the Cascades Wednesday and now it appears it’ll be an “ana” front.  That means just about all the precipitation is BEHIND the cold front…excellent new for maximum snow accumulation in the Cascades.  We could see 8-12″ all the way down to Government Camp and below just in time for Christmas Eve!

Beyond that, another wet system drops through on Saturday with a good 4-6″ additional.  Add a few inches in-between on Thursday and Friday and it’s quite possible 15-25″ falls in the next 5 days


This may even be enough to allow Skibowl to start some operations.  For sure it means the 2nd half of Christmas Break we’ll see far better conditions with a bunch of runs/lifts open at Timberline and Meadows.

Down here in the valleys there isn’t a whole lot to talk about over the next week, although it turns real chilly Sunday and Monday with the ECMWF showing thicknesses down below 525dm.  That means high temps close to 40 and lows into the 20s if skies clear out.  It’s going to feel like winter for the last few days of the month; we haven’t seen that since around the 2nd.

Of course this means snow will return to many roads in the Pacific Northwest starting Christmas Eve too:


Drive carefully the rest of the week if you’re headed into the high elevations.  I’ll be off the next few days, so probably no blog posting until Friday when I work again.

Merry Christmas!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen