Missing a Central Coast Radar This Evening

December 5, 2014

This evening is a good example of why we could use a radar on the central Oregon coastline.  Take a look at the satellite pic with radar overlay at 2pm:


You can see there have been a few lightning strikes along offshore, but we can’t see ANYTHING on the radar.  The Medford radar is too high up and can see only just offshore the southern coastline.  Eureka radar can see off of Brookings a bit.  The Portland radar doesn’t go that far southwest, which leaves us a bit blind for weather approaching Florence, Waldport, Newport, and Lincoln City.  But obviously some sort of heavy precipitation must be out there if a few lightning strikes are popping up along the approaching cold front right?  We’ll find out just before it arrives on the beaches.

Then at 4pm it looked like this:


Just the edges of the precipitation band are starting to appear very high up on Portland radar as it approaches the coastline.  We’ll see what arrives…

Sure would be nice to have a view of action moving onto the central Oregon coastline!  I mentioned this back in mid November in a posting about our terrible coastal coverage.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen