Strong East Wind Today

December 2, 2014

The pressure gradient through the Columbia River Gorge jumped into the 10-11 millibar range this afternoon/evening, pushing strong east winds not only through the west end of the Gorge but also into the metro area.  Peak gusts reached 30-45 mph in many spots.  MarkEastWind_GorgeToAllMetro2 MarkEastWind_GorgeToAllMetro

And check out Vista House!  Peak gust to 90 mph several times up there this evening!  Capture Quite a long stretch of extreme wind.  Gradients should decrease just a little tomorrow, then be much weaker for lighter east wind Thursday & Friday.

The wind is keeping our temperatures a good 10 degrees warmer compared to last night’s calm conditions.  That’s good because we COULD see a sprinkle later tonight.  There’s a weak system moving north.  But models also show almost nothing make it into northern Oregon so I pretty much ignored it.

Bad news for skiers, due to the 11″ on the ground (and forecast rain), Mt. Hood Meadows has closed until a good snowpack develops.  That leaves only Mt. Bachelor operating daily with anything other than a bunny lift.  Yes, Timberline can open their Palmer snowfield on sunny days, but that’s about it.  The pattern remains very warm for the next 8 days as mentioned in last night’s posting. MarkSnow_MtHoodFcst_2013