Freezing Rain Update: Arriving This Evening

November 19, 2014

6pm Wednesday…

If you live above 500′ in the western Gorge or anywhere east of Multnomah Falls, expect a wintry mix of freezing rain, ice pellets, and even a few spots of snow between 7pm now and midnight.  The cold airmass that has been in place for a week is about 3,500′ thick in the central/eastern Gorge and won’t change much in the next 6 hours.

  • Watch out if you’re on I-84 east of Rooster Rock overnight as the freeway will turn increasingly icy as you head farther east.
  • Schools will likely have a late start in much of the Gorge and north-central Oregon.
  • Only slow warming tomorrow without a west wind, but temperatures will rise a few degrees above freezing.

MarkWarnings_FreezingRain_GorgeOnly2 MarkWarnings_FreezingRain_GorgeOnly

The temperatures warmed a few more degrees than I expected at the west end of the Gorge today.  At 6pm it’s 36-37 in Corbett and about the same down at Multnomah Falls.  When the precipitation arrives, the evaporative cooling should drop those locations down to right around freezing.  As a result, anyone below 500′ west of Multnomah Falls probably won’t see freezing rain.

The wind stops late tonight in the Gorge!  After 9 days of gusty wind it’ll be over…this time around at least.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen