A Soaker For Wednesday

October 21, 2014

Let’s get this out of the way right now…

There isn’t a major wind or rain storm of any sort heading into the area the next 24 hours

That said, it sure is going to be a wet day Wednesday and windy at times too!

So why do you see BREAKING WEATHER ALERTS, STORM TEAM COVERAGE etc…on TV and splashed across Twitter and Facebook?  Or why does your weather radio suddenly go off on its own at 5am?  Well, it’s the first windy and wet system as we head into the rainy season and we news folks have a lot of pent-up weather energy.  We need a good storm!

Here are the wind details:

  • Gusty south wind picks up the next few hours at the coast…gusts to 60 mph are possible in the windier spots
  • Southerly winds pick up around daybreak in the valleys.  Southerly gusts 30-35 mph possible in the morning; about what we saw a week ago

MarkWarnings_Wind_Coast_Valleys1 MarkWarnings_Wind_Coast_Valleys

How much rain?  Our RPM model says almost an inch by sunset tomorrow.  Note the PRECIP ACCUM column.  web_RPM_Text_00z_PDX_4km

A big soaker, but nothing that would cause anything more than temporary ponding on streets or highways.  Of course in the fall any storm drain blocked by leaves can produce a quick local pond can’t it?

It looks like another inch could fall from that time through Thursday evening, so we could see two inches.  Our RPM tends to be a little heavy, but here’s what it shows:


Yesterday it was pretty obvious that this is the beginning of our wet season…take a look at today’s ECMWF meteogram for the next 10 days:


The rain sure isn’t very heavy further into the extended forecast, but there is no really good dry period.  Also notice we are done with 80s and 70s too.  Temperatures should be much closer to normal for the next ten days.  The average high in Portland 10 days from now is 58!

Stay dry tomorrow!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen