Sunday…A Spectacular Day!

October 19, 2014

Bright sunshine and temperatures well into the 70s on October 19th; no wonder I saw a lot of people outside today as I found the end of the Springwater Trail!  At 3pm the temperature is 74 at PDX, likely headed for a high of 75-77.  The record for the day is 78 so we probably won’t hit it.  Still, it was great to bicycle outside in the sunshine as if it was summer.  At least this will make winter come a bit faster mentally.

As for the Springwater Trail, that’s the paved bike/walk/hike path that goes 22 miles from Downtown Portland to Boring.  The last 2 miles or so were just paved withing the last couple of years and were especially smooth.  My son and I rode from Gresham out to Boring this afternoon.  Officially the trail ends there…for now, and the trail becomes the Cazadero Trail at that point. The next 3 miles of the old railroad bed are an improved gravel surface which was really easy on mountain bikes, actually a bit better than my driveway.  IMG_0593  It heads downhill along the north fork of Deep Creek.  You only pass 2 or 3 homes otherwise you are in the woods.  At the 3 mile mark the trail suddenly ends at a dropoff.  There used to be a railroad trestle at that location; all that’s left is the concrete abutment.IMG_0592  At this point you are only 1/4 mile or so from Hwy. 224 at Barton, just above Barton Park.   Obviously it’s not going to be cheap to get the trail down to the highway, but from what I read online, the plan is to finish the trail to Estacada or a little beyond to one of those dams.  For now you have to turn around and go back uphill to Boring, which was only about 300′ up in elevation.  It’s also interesting that when bicycling the 6 miles from Gresham to Boring, you really don’t notice that you’re going uphill, but you can sure feel it coming back…significantly faster.  Reminds me of my big bicycle ride last year from Elgin to Joseph.  In 35 miles you climb around 2,700′, yet it’s just barely noticeable…mostly you just feel like you’re getting a little lazy and pudgy.

I hope you all were able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather because the chance of us hitting 70 degrees again is pretty slim.  Take a look at the 12z ECMWF meteogram…lots of wet and much cooler as temperatures really fall off over the next 10 days.  KPDX_2014101912_dx_240

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen