Brand New Podcast

It’s been awhile, but Brian and I are back on track.  We just recorded a podcast on Friday and it’s available for your listening pleasure.  You can find it here.


3 Responses to Brand New Podcast

  1. W7ENK says:

    346 PM PDT TUE SEP 30 2014

  2. Salem "summer's over" Sally says:

    Well it was nice listening to the recap of summer since its practically over and to hear about the t-storms over in central Oregon and about the acres burned this year. Wow, 36 miles wide and long. Well I for one am ready for Fall and Winter to come along, there may be a warm day or two mixed in here or there but its essentially over.

    Congratulations Brian on the beautiful baby girl!! I just had a girl about 6 months ago and she’s made me the happiest I’ve ever been. Kids are the best. She’ll probably be with me at the meeting next month so bring yours lol. She really wants to meet Mark as well.

  3. schmit44 says:

    Thank you Brian and Mark. It has been a long time coming.

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