Barn Swallows’ Morning Takeoff

This is pretty neat…


Check out the barn swallows leaving their overnight roost this morning just north of Salem on radar. You can see the ring of objects spread north, east, and south from the spot somewhere west of Woodburn. Observers say at least 25,000 of them spend the night in fields and then take off each morning to feed. I assume they will be heading south soon? US National Weather Service Portland Oregon mentioned this in a FB posting a few days ago.

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  1. WEATHERDAN says:

    66 and partly sunny at 11:30 AM in Salem. Going for about 72 degrees. Made 80 yesterday. Should due it again maybe Friday-Sunday. Maybe .05 rain tonight, so nothing like the last storm. Also maybe the first time this fall to dip lower than the upper 40,s for a minimum. Still doesn’t really feel like late September. But like Mark has said our September’s and October’s are warmer than they used to be. When I was a kid back in the 1960,s the leaves used to be colored and starting to fall off the trees by October 1st. They are almost all still their Summer green. My Sweet Gum trees don’t start to really change until late October and maybe later this year. Natural or man made our climate sure seems to be changing. Peace.

  2. acs_pdx says:

    I’ve noticed that expanding circle in previous years and wondered what it was. I mean, it was obviously birds, but usually you just see them heading south, not “exploding” out of a single spot!

  3. Garron near Washington Square says:

    Thanks Mark, wouldn’t it be cool to be there as they began their migration? I know this is probably way off topic, but does anyone have any thoughts on weather manipulation? The whole “Butterfly effect” comes to mind when I read things like this. Just wondering if it is possible that our climate is or could be manipulated by those up wind? Not trying to start WWIII, just watched a “Future of Water” episode, read a couple of articles, and was wondering if their techniques for making rain in China/Russia, could have an effect here?

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