Warmest Summer Ever…Kind Of…

The Autumnal Equinox was this evening, so we’re now halfway to winter “sunwise”.   The highest sun angle in the sky (and most energy received) is the third week of June in the northern hemisphere.  The lowest sun angle in the sky (and least energy) is the third week of December.

Typically meteorologists consider June-August as “meteorological summer” in the northern hemisphere, and as you saw in a posting 3 weeks ago, it was our 2nd warmest on record here in Portland (at the airport).


I just calculated the summer values if you start on June 21st and go through September 21st.  It was the warmest summer on record in Portland if you go by those dates.  It totally blew the previous record away at 71.24 degrees.

The previous record was 70.1 degrees set five years ago in 2009.  In fact the top 5 warmest summers (using these dates) were all within less than a degree of each other.  This time, the new number is more than a degree higher than the previous record!  Wow…

Part of the reason is a 2nd record we just broke the all-time record for 60+ nights too.

The old record was 44 nights set just last year.  The new record, as of today, is 46.  As of Tuesday, Sept 23rd, it is now at 49 days! BMAC 60 Degree Nights

By the way here’s a nice graphic explaining a few things…from a NWS office.  I found it on Facebook


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. JohnD says:

    Interesting, too, about our (Portland) 21 days @ 90’+ this season–one of the all time most–(while Salem and Eugene, apparently, did break their records!) Furthermore, if that handful of 89′ official temps would have yielded to the sun just a hint more, we would have broken our all time 90′ temp records here locally as well! I know, “woulda, coulda”….like football games….

  2. Tyler Mode says:

    Okay all, time to decide on the 2015 calendar pics. I’ve included quite an assortment. These are in no order other than they order they were taken in.

    Please tell me what number you like, or, better yet, post a link in the comments section!

    I’ll have some at the October 25th Winter Weather Meeting 🙂

    • Boydo3 N. Albany says:

      Lots of great pics! I don’t see a number showing up with them so not sure how to express my faves without a bunch of words. One that stands out is the sunset and lenticular cloud on the mountain(Rainier?). Apple blossoms are nice too.

    • Tyler Mode says:

      Thanks! And that’s Mt. Hood 🙂

  3. W7ENK says:

    234 PM PDT TUE SEP 23 2014


  4. W7ENK says:

    If you use the months January-March, then it’s the coldest summer on record!

    See? It’s all about perspective and skewing the stats to suit your agenda…

    • Garron near Washington Square says:

      I agree, it is all about perception. Our summer starts July 5th, so July August September. Western Oregon winter typically runs from December 15th, and ends February 15th. Gloomy dull boring season starts February 15th and runs through the end of June, and the middle of Sogtober through the middle of December.

    • W7ENK says:

      I’d like to see how these numbers stack up if you use the dates for “Traditional Pacific Northwest Summer” — July 5th to September 5th (basically Labor Day). You can’t rightfully include the majority of September since that falls outside our normal “Summertime” most years.

  5. schmit44 says:

    Slight error on the above graphic. Today was the 47th day this year with a minimum temperature ≥60°.

    Here is the breakdown by month:
    June: 2 days
    July: 18 days
    August: 22 days
    September: 5 days

    Total: 47 days

    • schmit44 says:

      Correction: Today (Sept 21) was the 48th day this year with a minimum temperature ≥60°.

      September 2014 now has 6 days with minimums in the 60s.

    • schmit44 says:

      ^^ Should say Sept 22nd

      I know what happened Mark Nelsen. You probably forgot the two days in late June (25th and 26th) had low temps of 60.

  6. schmit44 says:

    9/22/2014 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:90 at Medford Viaduct(1360 ft) & CW2426 Warmsprin(1572 ft) & WARM SPRINGS BAS(1563 ft)
    Low: 71 at BLALOK(277 ft)

    High:58 at MT. HOWARD(7910 ft)
    Low: 37 at DIMLKE (4726 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 44 degrees
    FOSTER FLAT (82/38 ) (5000 ft )

    Heaviest Rainfall:
    0.75″ at UMATILLA PORTABL(4792ft)
    0.62″ at EW4395 Milton Fr(3455ft)
    0.61″ at DW8846 Adams(1601ft)
    0.59″ at PRAWS 15 (BALD S(6145ft)
    0.56″ at CW2920 Helix(1755ft)
    0.51″ at CASE(3800ft)

  7. Lurkyloo says:

    Dripping a bit here — glad I covered what wood I have a bit early. Anybody else notice a hike in the price of firewood this year? Not many vendors either, it seems …

    • Mark Nelsen says:

      Maybe I should go into that business. I just split and (made the kids) hauled a bunch under cover yesterday and again this morning. Covered the rest with a tarp before I left for work

  8. How do I contact the NWS and request that they add a tile about Solar Autumn? That’s the quarter of the year with the most rapidly decreasing sun angle, for the Northern Hemisphere that’s August 7 – November 6. We just hit the midpoint of Solar Autumn a couple hours ago!

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