ECMWF Monthly Run

9pm Monday…

Another run last night of the ECMWF and its ensembles out to 32 days.  It shows a few cool troughs for the next 2 weeks (cool & wet at times), then higher than normal heights (milder & drier) the 3rd & 4th week.






2 Responses to ECMWF Monthly Run

  1. After two weeks of rejuvenating rain and cool temps, I’ll be looking forward to the Indian Summer the 2nd week of October. All in all a very balanced fall, I think it will turn out to be.

  2. The Bad Forecaster says:


    Not a sign of Indian Summer just yet I think but here comes the first dusting to the high slopes of Mount Rainier quite possibly. When I say high I mean high as in above 7,000 feet.

    Sam Argier at KIRO is all over the storm that was 600 miles off the coast earlier taking aim at us. The ECMWF appears to be spot on from the outset on things.

    Rain has started in Southeast Tacoma tonight but it has only been light thus far. A whopping 0.02 inches which brings the month total to 0.12 inches.

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