A Taste of Fall This Morning

10pm Thursday…

Quite a chill in the air this morning, lots of 40s around the metro area.  PLOT_Lows_Metro For some of us it was the coldest in about 2 months.  At PDX the low of 54 was the coolest since July 25th when we also hit 54 degrees.  MarkTemp_Last12Days_LowsPDX That broke the long string of mainly 60+ nights we’ve been seeing since late July too.  Between that and what I see on the maps ahead, it’s pretty obvious we’ve passed the “peak of summer”.  Sure, there will be plenty of warm days (80-90 degrees) in the next month, but the long strings of hot weather are history for this year.  It probably doesn’t help that some kids go back to school in just 4 days, the rest in less than 2 weeks.

I didn’t post over the past week because the weather was slow the end of last week and over the weekend, plus my family and I did our last camping of summer at Diamond Lake (near Crater Lake).  No more vacation time in the next month, in fact I’m probably going to earn a bunch of days since Brian is about to go on paternity leave and we’re short a weather person.  But that’s how the business goes, you work long hours and many consecutive days at times.

Here are a couple of pics from the area.  I’m no photographer, and it was real hazy.  My son and I hiked up Mt. Bailey above the lake…a tough climb but not technical by any means.  The last picture was a little “window” through the ridge of rock at the top of the mountain.  That was real interesting; hate to fall out that one!




Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. Jason Hougak says:

    Why didn’t you bag Mt. Thielsen Mark? It’s more challenging and the top pinnacle actually can sway in the wind! Great job on summiting Bailey.

  2. No Snow says:

    Rob is a fruit loop. You think after 7 years he would grow up. 🙂

    And yes, snow will definitely not stick in the Portland Metro area this year.

    • Timmy_Supercell (Klamath Falls @ 4200') says:

      No snow, just rain and wind and everyone will just have to like it. :v

    • Rob - Southeast Portland says:

      Yeah, I must be, right? I mean to run a successful and thriving group of my own with no issues, no drama, no fights, nothing. Additionally, to be a successful Music Producer and liked by all. I must be a fruit loop. We’re all so glad you chimed in as you’re such a voice of reason, just like when Winter rolls around.

    • Rob - Southeast Portland says:

      It’s not enough to be bashed in the previous thread for no reason, why not continue it in this one too. Mark sure lets people know who’s group this really is, doesn’t he? No.

    • Timmy_Supercell (Klamath Falls @ 4200') says:

      I’m sure “No Snow” is now added to your “list”.

      Might as well add the whole blog on the list while you’re at it….

    • Rob - Southeast Portland says:

      No Snow is insignificant. Oh, ya I should add the whole blog, right? I mean, that sure sounds reasonable, practical, and rational, doesn’t it? What a neat idea. What I can’t decide is doing so now on a whim, or should I make a list, kind of like Santa Clause. I don’t know.

      Looks down the page
      Now, why would I add Garron? He’s in my group and a good guy. Nope.
      Pappoose? Definitely not. He’s extremely easy going, funny, and the kind of person you want in your Blog/Group. Nope
      Shane in Vancouver. I don’t know, Shane, but Nope.
      Tyler Mode, ah, yeah good ole, Tyler. Hmmm. Nope. He’s in my group. Contributes. Friendly. Shares his exceptional pictures. Nope.

      Yeah, I mean based on your idea of just lumping all Bloggers in with you clowns(in the Gang) that isn’t panning out very well.

    • Timmy_Supercell (Klamath Falls @ 4200') says:

      I do just that, except for when I’m randomly included in a 5 year old fight that should died a long time ago. Don’t understand this at all. Never will. (shrugs shoulders)..

    • The Bad Forecaster says:

      Ah I see Rob is active on this thread as well tonight.

      If I remember correctly Rob, it was Chris who added me to your group and I even told him in personal message on Facebook that I would be totally cool. You even hit the LIKE button on many of my posts so I did nothing wrong while I was there. Would you please admit the truth on that for everyone? I realize by asking that already it might be like asking to move mountains.

      I got torqued off at you because you posted that list of names on there at the time that did not include mine on your group as a file for any new member to see on your group. I took exception to it because at least two of the people on it were good friends of mine and did not deserve to be persecuted like that. No one does period!

      I cried foul about that and left and now you treat me as the scum of the Earth too after hitting the LIKE button on many of my posts. Uh I don’t get your personality Rob. Would you please explain why you did that? I don’t think your passion is music Rob, I think your passion is control and to dictate like someone once did in Germany.

    • Rob - Southeast Portland says:

      Ahhh, sure I’ll respond to this. Yep, you were a really great member, active, contributed a lot, but you had such a problem with certain people being banned, you flew off the handle(not in PMs) but in the group itself. Anyhow, why bring up that? No point. Man, this is so much fun.

    • The Bad Forecaster says:

      Yep your right I did Rob because I wanted to point out the file on your group to others if they had not see it that explicitly singles out certain people from the group. It’s okay to not like things Rob, there are things that everyone does not like in this world but most don’t advertise it so clearly as you do especially when it comes to people. 😦

    • schmit44 says:

      Looks like everyone who was in that file in now in the group. Good times!!

  3. Garron near Washington Square says:

    Interesting Cliff Mass blog, on the same page as Mark’s last post. It will be fun to see if we can hang on to the warmest summer ever for the PNW.


  4. pappoose in scappoose says:

    I really like the father/son shots, Mark.
    Chip off the old block no doubt!

  5. Shane in Vancouver says:

    Yeah you guys are clearly related! I hope we get some really good storms this winter. The weather has been pretty boring lately! Ready for the holidays too!

  6. Tyler Mode says:

    49 this morning. Not quite as cool, but still nice 🙂

  7. Dave Geiter says:

    Thanks for sharing Mark

  8. W7ENK says:

    Interesting article and good info to let sink in, especially now with hurricane season at its peak and our storm season about to get underway…


  9. Karl Bonner says:

    It seems a little strange that a low of 54 and high of 80 would qualify as a “taste of fall,” but I guess that’s what a prolonged stretch of warm and muggy summer nights will do to your internal seasonal thermostat….

    I’m looking forward to a generous number of crisp days between now and mid-October, with dry offshore flow and big diurnal temperature swings (average nights, above-average days). It never ceases to amaze me how the diurnal swings can get really big as you move toward September – but then decrease rapidly as winter approaches. There seems to be a period when the nights are long enough for cooling but the sun still strong enough for heating, that causes the effect.

    • High Desert Mat says:

      Karl, I think its the fact that the highs aren’t lasting as long and lows are lasting longer. Meaning that ita cooler longer than its warmer and its increasing day by day. I can feel it here in the high desert recently. That ULL a week ago really put the cap on summer. I know there’s gonna be more warm to hot days but it happens every year, there’s a front or low that comes through and just turns the weather it seems to the next season. I think the time has come that the temp will be closer to the low temp than the high now. Still warm but more briefly.

    • High Desert Mat says:

      Let me know if others didn’t feel that ULL kind of tip the season towards the cooler ones from here on out. I think Mark said it too up above.

    • Garron near Washington Square says:

      Hi Desert Mat, I agree that some years there is a turning point system. Several years ago, I think maybe 1997, a tropical system rolled due north from Baja California in late August. We never fully recovered temperature wise after that. Last year, it seemed that the rainy season kicked off a few weeks ahead of schedule, in late September, early October. Then it mellowed out like a fine wine from mid October through December. It will be interesting to see if the warm muggy nights continue through September.

  10. schmit44 says:

    8/21/2014 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:93 at ILLINOIS VALLEY(1389 ft)
    Low: 66 at HEPP(311 ft) & JUNIPR(359 ft)

    High:57 at CW7477 Lostine(7002 ft) & HOWARD Mt Howard(8150 ft) & ANEROID LAKE #2(7300 ft)
    Low: 23 at Horse Ridge (US (4160 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 52 degrees
    Horse Ridge (US (75/23 ) (4160 ft )

  11. High Desert Mat says:

    Beautiful pics Mark. Your son does look like you alot. I’ve been to Diamond Lake a handful of times since I’ve lived in central Oregon and can always tell that I’m in cold country there relatively.

    Didn’t know Brian was pregnant either. Lol

  12. W7ENK says:

    Yeah, it was cold on my ride into work this morning. 48 degrees when I left the house, long pants and long sleeves and I didn’t even break a sweat!

    Mark, your son looks so much like you, it’s remarkable! Looks like you two had a great time together. Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

  13. vernonia1 says:

    nice pictures Mark…thanks for sharing

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