100 Degrees in SW Washington Today

4pm Monday…


So far we’ve hit 93 here in Portland, 97 in Hillsboro, but no official stations have hit 100 degrees west of the Cascades…except to our north!


Kelso, Castle Rock, Chehalis, & Centralia have all breached the triple digit mark.  They didn’t get the high clouds we saw early-mid afternoon down here in the metro area.  Off the map is The Dalles at 106 degrees this hour.

Will we get thunderstorms this evening?  Tough call, it’s quite possible but by no means a slam dunk.  Models are still quite insistent on keeping just about all the action on the far east side of the Willamette Valley and then over/east of the Cascades.  But anyone (including at the coast) could see thunder between now and Tuesday morning.

I CAN guarantee another unusually warm night.  The 69 last night was the warmest low temp we’ve seen in several years.

Stay tuned…

9 Responses to 100 Degrees in SW Washington Today

  1. marinersfan85 says:

    NWS still going all in. THey are going to look silly by tomorrow morning. Get your sleep fellas. No excitement tonight.

  2. oldwxwatcher says:

    It hit 100.4° here in E Portland earlier this afternoon but is down to 95.6° at 5 PM. Dewpoint is 65° – yuck!

  3. Boydo3 N. Albany says:

    Bouncing around 100 here.

  4. High Desert Mat says:


    • High Desert Mat says:

      Oh Tyler. U beat me by a millisecond. Lol. So far 98 here on my station at home and can see the billowing cumulous clouds now all around me. I’m sure to have thunderstorms by this evening and sure hope they make it to the Westside tonight for all of you to have a great show. Everywhere except Salem. Kidding Dan.

  5. Tyler Mode says:

    101 here in BG. Now just some high and mid clouds. 97

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