Thunderstorms & July Ends 4th Hottest

August 1, 2014

8am Friday…

Many of us in the metro area woke up to lightning and thunder during the night as storms gradually formed to our south and then moved north.  Take a look at the lightning strikes across NW Oregon and SW Washington.  Interesting that there was nothing north of Mt. Jefferson or the Olallie Lake area but plenty of action in the lowlands.


and a closer view of just the Portland metro area


You can see the areas that really got nailed were from Hillsboro north to Scappoose and also the western side of the Willamette Valley.  I see the thunderstorm that woke me up at 2am was centered on the east side of Gresham.

What a warm summer night too with temps close to 70 through 3-5am for even the outlying areas.  At my home it was the warmest overnight temperature of the summer in the lower 60s.  At least relative humidity has been low.  The showers are ending this morning and we still have plenty of sunshine on the way by midday, quite a sharp back edge of the cloud cover working its way north through Marion county at 8am.  After that we’ll see some smoky skies overhead the rest of the day and another high temp around 90.



August is now here and the July stats are complete…in Portland the average high was 83.8 and the average low was 59.8.  So the average temperature for the month was 71.8.

  • Warmest month in 5 years, since July 2009
  • Warmest July in 5 years of course too
  • 4th Warmest July on record, after 1985, 2009, and 1996
  • 7 days at/above 90 degrees, 3 above average.  Record is 13 days in 2009
  • Hottest temp was 99 on the 1st.
  • No 100 degree days

I’ve mentioned this on-air a few times, but we’ve had just enough onshore flow to avoid extreme heat here.  We had the 99 on the first, but all other hot days have been closer to 90.

Consider how much hotter other spots have been…

90 degree days this month

Salem:  14 (twice as many as Portland…average high was 87.2)

Eugene: 16  (avg high = 87.5)

Roseburg: 20

Medford: 25 (13 days at/above 100!  Average high was 96.9!)  Hottest July Ever

I’ve been on vacation this week and will be most of next week too.  Enjoy the summer weather as it looks a bit cooler this weekend and beyond.


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen