Unusually Wet & “Stormy” July Day Ahead

The next 24 hours will see very active weather across the Pacific Northwest, unusual for what is typically the driest time of the year for our area.





Increasing instability in the atmosphere ahead of an approaching cold front means showers pick up, especially after midnight west of the Cascades.  There is even a chance of a thunderstorm or you could wake up to downpours.  Our RPM model goes crazy showing a cluster of heavy showers/thunderstorms developing along the east side of the Willamette Valley in the wee hours of the morning.


That may or may not happen, but the point is that we’re in moist southerly flow during the night.

Also, east of the Cascades a strong disturbance moving into northern California rides north this evening, setting off lots of thunderstorms.  Some of those could be strong to severe before midnight all the way up through north central Oregon and into southern Washington.  The Portland and Boise radars are going to have to work overtime…the Pendleton radar is out of service.  It is supposed to be working again tomorrow.  Ooops…


Think May…a cold front moves through in the mid morning hours with steady rain, possibly a thunderstorm embedded too.  There could be some downpours during the morning commute.  Then behind the front, from midday through evening, we’re in the cool and showery part of the system.  That means showers, sunbreaks, southwest wind gusts to 30 mph, and a decent chance for hail or thunder with some of those showers.  Of course this can also be the type of weather that can give us funnel clouds, so be on the lookout for rotation if you spot one.

Total rainfall the next 36 hours?


Somewhere between a quarter of an inch and one inch in the lowlands depending on where any heavy rain bands set up.  Once again note our RPM going crazy with heavy totals on the east side of the valley.  Probably misplaced, but the point is that someone is likely going to get a big soaking west of the Cascades.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

18 Responses to Unusually Wet & “Stormy” July Day Ahead

  1. Garron near Washington Square says:

    I am surprised we haven’t had any flash flooding issues east of the Cascades with these ominous storms! What a crazy week for us, 30 degree temperature difference in 3 days, thunder and record rainfall. I could do without the record number of bugs though…

  2. schmit44 says:

    7/22/2014 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:95 at DW9659 Richland(2379 ft)
    Low: 69 at LAKE OWHEE AND O(2400 ft) & ECHO(683 ft) & Arlington(449 ft)

    High:52 at Timberline Lodge(7001 ft)
    Low: 42 at CRANE PRAIRIE (5500 ft ) & Quartz Mountain (5550 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 43 degrees
    USCRN SITE AT NO (87/44 ) (4260 ft )

    Heaviest Rainfall:
    1.23″ at BLACK MTN RIDGE(4965ft)
    1.10″ at MILK SHAKES(5600ft)
    0.90″ at THREE CREEKS MEA(5650ft)
    0.82″ at DW6099 Damascus(748ft)
    0.77″ at POWELL BUTTE(3199ft)

  3. Hal In Aims says:

    Almost constant lightning to the east through the southeast……….

  4. Jason Hougak says:

    Hmm, seemed a lot like an east coast kind of day. This humidity thing is nothing I remember growing up here. Nice to have the rain back. Almost August… water wells have been keeping us slammed. Installed a 673 footer in Corbett today.

  5. chiefWright (Marquam) says:

    What an awful time for Pendleton radar to be out. The lighting map in Central Oregon is going nuts, and there’s very limited ground data to indicate any possible rainfall. Firefighting resources in the PacNW already near breaking, and it’s not even August. With years of oversuppression coupled with disease and poor harvest management sowing the wind, are we about to reap the whirlwind?

    • High Desert Mat says:

      From the ground I will tell you that there is heavy rain with these thunderstorms and lots of decent sized hail. Was crazy about an hour ago here in Redmond and Sisters. Last thing these firefighters need tho. Last I heard from local news is that a few more have started and about 12,000 strikes have happened. Bad thing is its suppose to warm up again later this week and fires tend to start from holdovers from the lightning.

    • Boydo3 N. Albany says:

      My son lives in Sisters and sent me a text saying it was like someone was shaking his house..the thunder was so loud and the rain was pounding.

  6. vernonia1 says:

    I like Mark’s page. Seems to be set for every 10 mins

  7. Andrew says:

    I love watching exciting weather!

  8. Jack in Corbett says:

    Many of you may have seen this on-line site; but, if not it shows “near-real time” lightning strikes. http://www.lightningmaps.org

    May be interesting to watch over the next couple of days.

  9. runrain says:

    Couple monsters over east side right now. Quarter sized hail nearing Warm Springs.

    • runrain says:

      Half dollar size hail northeast of Oakridge. This storm looks like it is moving north but I would guess that it won’t hold its intensity if it should move up towards, Sandy and Mt. Hood. We’ll see!

  10. pappoose in scappoose says:

    Rotation it is!

  11. vernonia1 says:

    Those fighting fires will be in my thoughts even more in the next few days 😦

  12. vernonia1 says:

    The East side just does NOT need anymore……can’t we figure a way to keep them HERE 🙂

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