Another Sign That Our Snowpack Isn’t Disappearing

July 21, 2014

You may remember I posted back in early July a graph showing that the snowpack at one location (on Mt. Hood) has definitely not shown a tendency to melt any earlier.  At least in the past 30+ years.

Today Cliff Mass up at the UW pointed out in his blog that Mt. Rainier melt out day has arrived at the Paradise measuring station.  Then Mark Albright, former state climatologist, and a friend from my days up there, sent me this graph:


It shows the average melt out date for 221 sites in the entire Pacific Northwest.  Same pattern here, no sign of an earlier melt out in the Cascades we would expect in a warming climate.  Interesting eh?  Cliff has some thoughts on why that might be on his blog.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen