Good News! Heat Wave Goes From Sizzle to Fizzle

July 13, 2014

10:30pm Sunday…

The big weather news this evening?  What was going to be a pretty impressive heat wave is now down to just a couple more  hot days.

  • Tomorrow’s high temps, after morning clouds, stay mainly in the 80s or just barely touch 90…nothing unusual for mid July.  Although it will be more humid than normal for mid July.
  • Tuesday will likely be our warmest day with temps into the lower 90s, still not exactly a scorcher by July standards.
  • Then a gradual cooldown the rest of the week.  So no record high temps and it even appears the humidity may drop a bit Tuesday and Wednesday.

Why the change from my post on Thursday?  The upper-level ridging is slightly weaker than shown a few days ago, plus the orientation is such that we don’t get offshore (really hot) flow at any point.  So basically the Pacific Ocean air conditioner is going to keep us from getting too hot.

And of course today’s thunderstorms, while not a surprise, happened to keep firing up right over NW Oregon and SW Washington.  The solid cloud cover, plus some onshore flow (low clouds) in some areas gave the forecasters a huge bust.  Sure, we said 90, but isn’t 74 close???  I’m just kidding, I would have screwed up the forecast too if I was working yesterday.  It did stop our streak of 80+ degree days at 9 here in Portland

Check out the Pacific Northwest lightning chart for today


and then just the metro area.


So stay cool this week, but the big picture is that this work week will only be a little warmer than last week; no big heatwave on the way.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen