Happy Independence Day! Nice Weekend Weather

July 3, 2014

Did you know the 4th of July is the wettest day in July…on average?  More on that in a minute…but first we have a very nice weekend coming up.  Other than a weak weather system giving us lots of high clouds Friday and maybe even a coastal sprinkle, expect widespread sunshine and warming temps Friday through Sunday.


The average high temp for the 4th is 78 degrees, and the chance for getting measurable rain is 24%, which also happens to be the highest chance for rain of any July day!  Interesting eh?  Even more fascinating is that my kids, heading into 7th/8th grade, have never seen rain on the 4th!  Maybe we need to retire the old “summer starts after the 4th of July” statement?


Speaking of summer, temperatures warm through Monday or Tuesday as very high upper-level heights (lots of warm air) build over the West Coast.  It’s not going to be a sharp upper-level ridge, but more a very large area of warm air.  So we won’t see a thermal trough with the easterly wind like earlier this week.  Luckily that means no real hot weather; I think it’s unlikely we’ll get above 90 degrees.  And a high of 90 in Portland in early-mid July is nothing unusual; about 10 degrees above average.  Such a large ridge will keep the marine layer squashed quite low so we won’t see much morning cloud cover through at least Tuesday/Wednesday.

Summer 2014 is definitely here.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen