98 Today…As of 5pm

What a mid-summer scorcher today, take a look at the high temps!


We get the high temperature from official observing sites every 6 hours, which in summer is 5pm and 11pm.  Now the 5pm temperature IS 98 degrees, which means it’s possible we’ve gone to 99 and don’t know it.  Portland NWS also puts out a climate summary around 7:20pm just for the PDX site which means for that site only we’ll really know what the high temp was.  Got all that???

More later…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

12 Responses to 98 Today…As of 5pm

  1. schmit44 says:

    7/1/2014 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:107 at CW6811 Grants Pa( 947 ft)
    Low: 70 at DW7564 Estacada(1079 ft) & DW6006 Troutdale(262 ft) & SQUAW PEAK(4964 ft)

    High:61 at BROOKINGS(79 ft)
    Low: 33 at CRANE PRAIRIE (5500 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 58 degrees
    CHRISTMAS VALLEY (96/38 ) (4360 ft )

  2. David B. says:

    Looks like it got really hot near Darrington today. Look at these highs from the Mesonet:

    SNFW1 Oso 97
    SCPW1 Squire Creek 104
    AN639 Darrington 103

    One I could toss out an an anomaly, three… not so easy. Why so hot? Darrington is in a valley in the Cascades, well away from any marine influence and right in the middle of ground zero when it comes to the hot air from the east dropping down from the summit of the Cascades and warming further as it does.

    Meanwhile, Arlington airport “only” reached 90… too far west to get roasted in the real heat this afternoon.

  3. Dave in SW PDX (235') says:

    High temp at my place today was 97.1°, with east winds blowing most of the late morning and afternoon. Peak gust E16 around 2PM; now just a light drift out of the W-NW. Latest obs show SW breezes working their way up the Willamette Valley. Still 85.2° here…

  4. Paul D says:

    Too much in Hillsboro

  5. David B. says:

    Peaked at 87 at my place but there were some low 90s away from the water and higher up (and thus out of any marine inversion). Was interesting on my bike ride this evening seeing how much cooler the beaches were than the hills. Now have all the windows open trying to cool the apartment off.

  6. Andrew (1600 near Silver Falls) says:

    PDX did peak at 99 today.

  7. chiefWright (Marquam) says:

    We’ll see. Most of the private weather stations near PDX peaked around 1730 PDT. Noteable exception was the NWS WFO office east of the airport that didn’t peak until after 1900 PDT.

    Chasing single digits… Geeze, guess the weather has been pretty boring lately.

  8. Austin-East Vancouver says:

    At 99.7 right now

  9. paulbeugene says:

    Euro 12Z shows some return of heat in one week. GFS 18z not showing this so much.

  10. High Desert Mat says:

    Made it to only 93 in Redmond today. I feel tho as the thermal trough moves east tonight and tomorrow we could have a warm night over here in central Oregon. Then again, I am in the high desert and there’s basically no humidity. Still I think a low of upper 50’s tonight should suffice. Warm for Redmond though.

  11. Mike (Orchards 255') says:

    97.5 here today.

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