Showers Return This Week

June 23, 2014

A line of light rain moved through the Willamette Valley this evening, although it didn’t produce much


This was after another very warm day…temperatures into the lower 80s across the Portland metro area.

My vacation went well; my family and I spent 6 days camping in Maupin, Thompson Reservoir (near Silver Lake), Eagle Lake (CA), Mt. Lassen (CA), and Lake Almanor (CA).  Spent 6 hours in Quincy, California waiting for a front end alignment and new tires, that was in interesting little town.    The next 4 days were spent at Squaw Valley, California at the 42nd AMS Broadcasters Conference.

I noticed two themes during our travel.  First, if you don’t have a real warm ridge overhead in June, temperatures up around 4,000-7,000′ elevations are going to be chilly!  We woke up to frost at Thompson Reservoir and again the first night at Squaw Valley, although in that location it was viewed from a  hotel room so quite a bit more tolerable!  If you’re headed to the higher elevations (most of northern California and southern Oregon east of the Cascades/Sierra), you want a hot ridge overhead.  The other thing I noticed everywhere was the drought.  All reservoirs and lakes are low.  At Eagle Lake the marina was totally dry with docks sitting on dry land.  Goose Lake between Lakeview and Alturas appears to be totally dry.  That does happen every few years, but it seems early in the season for that.  Lake Tahoe was a bit low too.  Okay, one more thing…there is nothing of any interest on US 395 between Alturas and Susanville.  That was the deadest 70 miles I’ve seen since a trip across Nevada a few years ago!

Moving on to weather…I missed a thunderstorm day a week ago, but maybe we can get some action in here either Wednesday or Friday as a cool upper-level trough and westerly flow moves overhead the 2nd half of the week.  It also appears we’ll get a good soaking one or both of those days.

Models show the wet westerly flow amplifying a bit the first half of next week for warmer temps, like what we just saw the past two days.  Notice the ECMWF meteogram is quite warm along with the GFS ensemble chart too next Monday-Wednesday.




Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen