Lunar Eclipse Tonight

April 14, 2014

5:30pm Monday…

It’s a total lunar eclipse tonight:  First “chunk” starts disappearing out of the moon at 10:59pm, then progressively gets “eaten” up until the entire moon goes nearly black for a little over an hour starting at 12:08pm.  Some have been calling it a “blood moon”, but it’s only expected to be a yellowish-orange due to the lack of dust in the earth’s atmosphere right now.


Here’s the problem, we’ll have a lot of clouds arriving about that time so we may or may not actually see it here west of the Cascades.  For MOST OF US, I think there will be breaks in the cloud cover; at least enough to see it part of the time.  Most likely the clouds will be packing up against the Cascade foothills as we head towards midnight, so those areas on the east side of the Willamette Valley and in the foothills have a smaller chance of seeing the eclipse.  The best chance overall is east of the Cascades, or east of Cascade Locks in the Gorge.  Take a look at our RPM forecast for 1am and you get the idea:


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen