Beautiful April Weather Continues

10pm Thursday…

Another sunny and warm day today…66 here in Portland for the official high today.  Today was our 5th day in the 60s (or 70s), and it appears we have at least 4 more.  Many years we don’t see a warm and dry stretch that long in the month of April.  Take a look at the sunset this evening!


Photo by Michael Trofimov.  One more picture came in today from Gene Blick, showing a nearly snow-free Lost Lake basin:


As I’ve mentioned a bunch of times during the late winter and early spring, we’ve had unusually low snowpack below about 4,000′.  Luckily the northern Oregon ski areas had enough snow in February and again in later March to prolong the ski season a bit.  Both Mt. Hood Skibowl and Hoodoo Ski Area have their final weekend coming up; both will be closed for the season after Sunday.   Mt. Ashland was never able to open this season for the first time in its history.  Of course higher up on Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood the end of the ski season comes later.  Interest sure wanes at the ski areas in April, especially when we have such terrific weather in the lowlands.  I know it really annoys the ski area operators since they always have more snow on the ground in April and May than early on in November when just about everyone tries to get up on the slopes.  Then, this time of year (in a normal year) there is plenty of snow but interest totally drops off.  I have the feeling the reason is that in November/December it’s usually wet and always chilly outside, so why not head up to the snow and enjoy it?  But we have limited warm weather and sunshine around here in the lowlands so when it finally shows up in spring we want to do all the things we couldn’t do in the winter.  Like bicycling, running, hiking, golfing, gardening etc…  Maybe it’s really just the opposite of November; there is pent-up demand to get outside and do things in the lowlands this time of year so snowplay in the mountains seems so…winterlike.

Okay, enough about that.  Let’s move on to the forecast.

No big changes the next 4 days as upper level ridging builds along the coast and then shifts inland Sunday.  When that happens Sunday, we’ll see a “thermal trough” develop along the coastline with easterly wind from the Cascades all the way to the beaches.  That means one very warm day…probably into the 70s out there too!


Of course we’ll be much warmer here in the valleys as well.  I think MOS temperatures (derived from model information) are too cool with high temps right around 70 degrees.   Just as in the winter, I think they are allowing too much cool air down into Eastern Washington and Oregon.  My April temperature chart shows an 850mb temperature around +9 (models agree on this) with strong easterly flow should give us a high temperature between 74-78 degrees.  Up until the 00z GFS, models have been showing a big marine push Monday afternoon as an upper level trough approaches the Northwest.  The 00z GFS splits that trough, prolonging the warm weather and possibly giving us temperatures closer to 80 Monday.  It IS the GFS, so I ignored it and went with the ECMWF for making my 7 Day forecast.

Beyond that, cooler and wetter weather comes back, although I don’t see an unusually cold and wet pattern.  Take a look at the 12z ECMWF ensemble chart, showing temperatures at about 5,000′ over Oregon over the next 10 days:


Notice the long period of near average temperatures after the warm period Sunday-Monday.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!  I plan to clean up the last of the ice storm mess (flames!) in my yard from early March, take a long bike ride, and soak in some rays.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


17 Responses to Beautiful April Weather Continues

  1. WEATHERDAN says:

    70 in Salem at 2:56 PM. Sunny with a few cirrus clouds around light North wind. I hope it stays clear enough to watch the total Lunar eclipse tonight. It should be spectacular. To my Jewish friends who are celebrating Passover this evening Shalom. Peace.

  2. schmit44 says:

    4/13/2014 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:81 at CW6811 Grants Pa( 947 ft) & PROVOLT SEED ORC(1180 ft)
    Low: 49 at BROOKINGS(79 ft) & John Day River B(305 ft)

    High:32 at HOWARD Mt Howard(8150 ft)
    Low: 14 at DIMLKE (4726 ft ) & KIRK (4519 ft ) & Horse Ridge (US (4160 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 52 degrees
    PROVOLT SEED ORC (81/29 ) (1180 ft )

  3. pappoose in scappoose says:

    Happy day, you musta fixed the wind gauge at Vista House, Mark.
    Hope you found a stronger arm/mast!

  4. schmit44 says:

    4/13/2014 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:82 at RED MOUND(1753 ft)
    Low: 61 at RED MOUND(1753 ft)

    High:33 at HOWARD Mt Howard(8150 ft)
    Low: 16 at Horse Ridge (US (4160 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 47 degrees
    CW5507 Camp Sher (71/24 ) (3020 ft )

  5. Jeff Raetz says:

    Averages\Extremes for the month of March 2014

    Average temperature = 48.3°F
    Average humidity = 82%
    Average dewpoint = 42.5°F
    Average barometer = 30.004 in.
    Average windspeed = 0.6 mph
    Average gustspeed = 1.9 mph
    Average direction = 134° ( SE)
    Rainfall for month = 8.252 in. (Average is 5.92”)
    Rainfall for year = 17.508 in. (Average for the first 3 months is 14.36”)
    Maximum rain per minute = 0.020 in on day 28 at time 19:18
    Maximum temperature = 69.7°F on day 24 at time 16:11
    Minimum temperature = 31.8°F on day 20 at time 06:13
    Maximum humidity = 100% on day 28 at time 22:40
    Minimum humidity = 15% on day 22 at time 16:53
    Maximum dewpoint = 56.2°F on day 05 at time 18:30
    Minimum dewpoint = 13.2°F on day 22 at time 16:53
    Maximum pressure = 30.55 in. on day 11 at time 09:29
    Minimum pressure = 29.45 in. on day 05 at time 17:11
    Maximum windspeed = 10.4 mph from 180°( S ) on day 25 at time 14:34
    Maximum gust speed = 25.3 mph from 158°(SSE) on day 25 at time 14:23
    Maximum heat index = 77.4°F on day 24 at time 18:10

    Avg daily max temp :58.3°F
    Avg daily min temp :40.1°F
    Total windrun = 480.2miles
    Frost days= 1

    Record low wind chill temperature = 28.8 on day 22 at time 08:25
    Record daily rain = 1.22” on day 28
    Record rain in 1 hour = 0.31” on day 16 at time 20:29
    Warmest day (6am to 6pm) = 57 on day 09
    Coldest night (6pm to 6am) = 34.7 on day 02
    Coldest day (6am to 6pm) = 38.8 on day 01
    Warmest night (6pm to 6am) = 55.8 on day 25

    Daily rain totals

    00.15 in. on day 1
    00.61 in. on day 2
    00.43 in. on day 3
    00.04 in. on day 4
    01.14 in. on day 5
    00.35 in. on day 6
    00.22 in. on day 7
    00.65 in. on day 8
    00.26 in. on day 9
    00.24 in. on day 10
    00.23 in. on day 14
    00.72 in. on day 16
    00.02 in. on day 17
    00.01 in. on day 19
    00.03 in. on day 20
    00.24 in. on day 25
    00.40 in. on day 26
    00.34 in. on day 27
    01.22 in. on day 28
    00.67 in. on day 29
    00.01 in. on day 30
    00.27 in. on day 31

    Records since October 2008

  6. WEATHERDAN says:

    64 and sunny in Salem at 4:30 PM. We had some brief patches of low clouds in Salem this morning but they didn’t stay around long. Should hit about 75 on Sunday. The last 3 Springs have been so nice they make up for 2010 and 2011. Peace.

  7. …congrats to Mark on his Emmy nomination!…

  8. schmit44 says:

    4/11/2014 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:81 at EW1735 Central P(1285 ft) & CW6811 Grants Pa(947 ft)
    Low: 56 at Gold Beach (US 1(60 ft)

    High:44 at Timberline Lodge(7001 ft)
    Low: 21 at DIMLKE (4726 ft ) & Horse Ridge (US (4160 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 48 degrees
    CW5507 Camp Sher (74/26 ) (3020 ft )
    Beatty (72/24) (4320 ft)

  9. pdxgeologist says:

    I’m riding my bike from the Atlantic to the Pacific on Sunday. That’s about 100km (60mi) here in Panama. Probably one of the only places you can do that on a bike in one day.

    • Boydo3 N. Albany says:

      That’s cool. How are the drivers down there? And the roads? I’d be leery of doing that in Mexico! I don’t even like riding a bus there….

    • pdxgeologist says:

      Boydo, this one is a mountain bike trip so it’s mostly off-road (and there is one 14km stretch where we load our bikes into boats and get ferried across part of Gatun Lake). I don’t like riding on the pavement here – drivers are sketchy and usually not alot of shoulder to work with, although there are a bunch of cyclists out every weekend.

  10. Muxpux (Castle Rock 175') says:

    I think it was 2008 I bought ski owls spring pass, and they didn’t close until early may, my birthday is the 8th and thought it was crazy that I could still go snowboarding. The snowpack didn’t really go away, yet they closed anyways. They basically told me the same thing as you just said.

  11. schmit44 says:

    4/10/2014 Oregon (All) Temperature Summary

    High:77 at CW3932 Central P(1290 ft)
    Low: 51 at Medford Viaduct(1360 ft)

    High:40 at Government Camp(3600 ft)
    Low: 16 at Horse Ridge (US (4160 ft )

    Largest Diurnal Change: 49 degrees
    CABIN LAKE (69/20 ) (4560 ft )

  12. Sifton says:

    Long bike ride Sunday here I come!!

  13. W7ENK says:

    ‘Tis beautiful, indeed! ^_^

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