ECMWF Monthly Run Maps

March 6, 2014

The usual…4 maps, each showing one week of average 500mb heights (warm colors are above average, cool=below).

Pretty much what I said in last night’s post.  Mild spring weather next week, then cooler as we head toward Oregon’s Spring Break.  In fact the coolest week (compared to average heights) IS that last week of March!





Not a hurricane, but a beautiful low pressure system

March 6, 2014

Check out the Washington coastal radar picking up this morning’s storm moving onshore.  You can clearly see a closed low pressure center moving into Ilwaco/Long Beach area around 9am.  We get strong wind as air rushes towards that low.  So now the wind will relax on the coast, and, after 11am or so it’ll die down here in the valleys.


The worst thing happened to me this morning:   I get up, stumble to the espresso machine at 9am.  It starts making that gurgling sound and I anticipate the morning cup.  Then the power goes out at that exact moment.  So sad, another “first world” problem.  I trudge out in shorts and the rain to hook up the generator.  NOW I have a cup of coffee and I’m not cranky.  That was a close call…

By the way, the peak gust at PDX so far has been 41 mph.  That was during an surge of wind that moved across the metro area well ahead of the low…at 12:36am.

The peak gust so far was at 10:34am; 47 mph right after I published this post.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen