Storm #3 Wraps Up; Now On To A Thaw


Here are some of your snow totals; I got in a hurry so I missed quite a few of them…sorry!  It’s obvious that we forecast too high on snow accumulation this time.  Most of the metro area had 1-3″  Far west side (Forest Grove) and north (Felida) had 5-7″!

BMAC Snow Coast Valley Metro

Now radar is looking pretty dry and I don’t see any organized weather system for tomorrow.  As a result, we begin a slow thaw.  This is what I’m thinking as of 11pm:



There will not be any warming southerly wind tomorrow, but just a few more degrees of gradual warming of our cool low-level airmass.  As a result at best I see 33 at Troutdale, 35 at PDX, and 36-39 in most of the rest of the metro area.  With no east wind returning tomorrow night and some light showers moving in, temperatures should remain above freezing.

That means lots of snow still left around Monday morning, but temps above freezing; a sloppy mess.  The Columbia River Gorge will remain frozen through Monday morning.  Time for the drive home!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

97 Responses to Storm #3 Wraps Up; Now On To A Thaw

  1. AlexQS says:

    Hi temp in Molalla today was 42f. Now 39f.

    Light wind comes from south or southwest.

  2. Wendy-Silverlake says:

    Where’s the rain that is supposed to be in tonight? There is nothing on the radar except that little bit that is even north of me.

  3. Eastman(Parkrose/NE Portland) says:

    The east wind is blowing about 25 mph here in paradise. Looks like things are melting less now.

  4. Eastman(Parkrose/NE Portland) says:

    Were at 32 degrees in NE portland- a little melting out there. Should the temp go back down?

  5. Eastman(Parkrose/NE Portland) says:

    East side of metro area- freezing rain advisory- tomorrow- starting at 4am- ending at 12pm.
    Looks like we can get some more accumulation? (Ice of course)
    Will we dip back down below freezing tonight?
    East of I 205?

  6. Ryan says:

    Mark, what is the temp at the kptv station? I live near there and my thermometer says 39. But the NWS sure says it’s 33 in Beaverton which is farther south than here.

  7. Longview - 400 ft says:

    Longview Public Schools just closed for Monday the 10th.

  8. laffingdevil says:

    Woohoo the melt is on here in cascade park

  9. Longview - 400 ft says:

    I think the KPTV tower temps sensors are on the fritz!!!!

    • AlexQS says:

      Ya, I saw that, 90 something degrees at 1500 feet a couple hours ago,.., definitely on the fritz

    • Roman~Snow-Zone-Monmouth, Elv. 223' says:

      Thats a strongest push of warm air I’ve ever seen! Middle tower is 90F and the top tower is negative -3F lol

  10. vernonia1 says:

    tiny bit of rain headed for Westport,WA

  11. Phil In Beaverton says:

    36 degrees here in Central Beaverton. Melting.

  12. Sapo says:

    33 Degrees in Tigard, probably won’t warm up much though. Interesting NOAA says tonight and early tomorrow morning we will get cold enough for freezing rain?

  13. AlexQS says:

    Reading 41.7f in Molalla

    The road in front of my house looks mostly just wet, slush between the lanes.

  14. alohabb says:

    36 here in Aloha, and things are melting rapidly in areas.

  15. vernonia1 says:

    sure is nice to be able to use Langley radar when ours is down 🙂

  16. SW says:

    Rob, Model Rider or ?. Doe anyone know what model predicted this cold and amount’s of snow first? Also how far out was it predicted? It seems like someone one saying a few weeks ago that one of the more obscure models predicted a BIG Snowstorm several weeks out. If I remember this correct then that Model is on to something!.

    Thanks in advance,

    • AdamInAumsville says:

      To be honest, I think the GEM showed precip coming in on Thursday well in advance of the other models. I could be remembering incorrectly though. Euro seemed to best nail down the finer details within a couple of days of each event.

    • Model Rider says:

      I think that’s how I remember it too. But of I’m not mistaken, the gfs actually showed the arctic blast ahead of the other models.

    • Dringus says:

      As to what I recall the 00z GFS was the first one to show the Thursday system and others caught on.

  17. W7ENK says:

    33.8, everything is dripping and ice is starting to fall. Something came out of one of my trees and landed on the back of my house, it sounded like someone dumped a bucket of marbles on my roof. Worried about my car, my driveway is under a tree, I don’t want to lose my windshield.

  18. AdamInAumsville says:

    38* and lots of melting here. Roads are worse now with all of the slush.

  19. LongtimeLurker says:

    Every kid around town is wanting to know if there is school tomorrow or if the melting will be good enough for the roads to clear. 🙂

  20. Lurkyloo says:

    Icicles dripping here. Huge pine trees behind my house crackling. Slippery mess in the yard — dogs even fell down a couple of times trying to walk on it. Won’t even attempt to drive down my hill yet. Another trek to Plaid Pantry soon, and I’m not looking forward to it. I’d be surprised if this is mostly gone by tomorrow — if it’s not, I don’t see how I’ll get my kids to school (assuming PPS are open).

  21. JohnD says:

    Question for “Model rider” (or anyone): Do you know what the official snowfall totals were for Redmond–I assume they would be recorded at the airport(?). Also is it an all time record? Seems like it might be close. A friend sent a picture from Crooked River and it looked like two feet!

  22. Crystal says:

    I live in aloha and we measured 6″ of snow

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