9pm: Snow Storm Wrapping Up

It’s been a fun afternoon, if were at home playing in or watching the snow.  Disastrous if you were stuck in traffic for hours.  Or a little long if you participated in 8 straight hours of live storm coverage on TV.

Looking at the radar the solid band of heavy snow has shifted to the north and is falling apart.  We should just see lighter snow the rest of the evening.  Still an inch or two additional is possible.  It looks like the lightest has been Salem to Woodburn and then up to the east side of the Portland metro area.  You folks only had a trace to 2″.  Everyone else had more; appears that 2-4″ totals have been most common for most of us in the metro area.  The heaviest has been up in Northern Clark county and Columbia county with 5, 6, 7, or even 9″

What happens now?


Another surface low pressure area moves across southern Oregon tomorrow afternoon, throwing more moisture up over the cold air entrenched over northern Oregon.  The heaviest snow/freezing rain will stay south of the Portland metro area, thus our forecast of 2-4″ for the metro area.   Believe it or not, the central/south valley should see MORE snow tomorrow, although with a thinning low level airmass I think there is a very good chance of widespread freezing rain mixed in from Salem south to Eugene.  Possibly even as far north as the extreme SE part of the Portland metro area (Colton, Molalla, Estacada).

Beyond tomorrow evening’s 2-4″, I don’t see a big chance for widespread snow or freezing rain in the metro area the rest of the weekend.  Although we might squeeze out a little more snow later in the day Saturday.  It’ll be a very slow warmup Saturday and Sunday, but enough to improve road conditions dramatically.  A few sunbreaks and 30-35 degrees can do wonders in early-mid February.  The Columbia River Gorge will remain frozen until at least Sunday night.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


147 Responses to 9pm: Snow Storm Wrapping Up

  1. Traci-Gresham says:

    NWS just increased snow totals expected for Gresham. They say 3-7 inches today and 1-3 tomorrow.

  2. Eugene Dave says:

    We’ve received about 4 inches of new snow so far in Eugene this morning, and it is coming down at a very nice clip at the moment.

    The rain/snow line appears to be very close though, and I think it will switch over to freezing rain in an hour or two. Looking at the tripcheck cams, it looks like Cottage Grove got nada. What a bummer to be so close and then get swarmed by crickets.

    Glad most of us did so well. I think this one will go down as the biggest widespread snowstorm(s) in decades. Probably not eclipse the 2008 storm for the north valley though.

    • Dave in South Salem (500') says:

      For us its not even the biggest snowstorm of the past 2 years. But it ain’t over yet.

    • AlexQS says:

      Anybody know how far north the snow is predicted come?

      The radar looks like it’s nearing Woodburn now. I’m hoping for another 30 miles at least.

      Also, you mentioned turning to freezing rain in Eugene. Will those higher temps in upper atmosphere follow the back edge of the storm all the way north? I’m wondering if that doesn’t reach me till after dark if it will cool again and stay as snow.

    • boydo3 N Albany says:

      The end is in sight…Bend, Sisters, Redmond are all warmer than here. 29 at Santiam pass. But still snowing in Eugene and Albany!

    • Model Rider says:

      Except boydo, that we have a wsw thru tomorrow night. May barely hit freezing today and then drop again tonight. Still snowing now and suppose to pick up in intensity this afternoon/evening.

  3. Model Rider says:

    Rob, Paul, Mark, could any of you give me the path that the low will take across Oregon tonight? I can barely make it out right now.

  4. Curtis C says:

    This is me observing the snow from the south valley, Eugene, someone is going to get a foot of snow. Most people will get 6 inches north of Albany. I think the models have underdone precip and the range of the precip. The airport has picked up 3 inches in the last two hours. The snowfall rates are pretty heavy and this isn’t even the main batch of moisture. Get home before it starts snowing because this won’t be pretty.

  5. Sapo says:

    Is the band of precipitation moving towards us right now all we are going to get? If so, 6+ inches not looking good…

  6. DEL X V says:

    Light snow has started at the beach 7 miles south of Lincoln City,,,,30 degrees .

  7. Goducks09 says:

    Looks like white-out conditions in I5, north of Albany:


  8. Taylor says:

    Yeah it’s sunny here in Happy Valley. Still cold. Almost like a fake out if snow is coming.

  9. TimC says:

    Not a single snowflake a few miles north of Long Beach, WA.

    And the ODOT Road cams show snow in Astoria, but not on the north end of the bridge.

    But I’m wondering if Saturday will be a good time to head home to Hillsboro, and which route will be safest. I have learned to drive slowly in the snow and enjoy the journey; I’m afraid that others have not.

    • alohabb says:

      Main roads are best bet, but with more snow today, maybe freezing rain tomorrow…. Tough call when to leave but i would say now or you may be stuck until Sunday?

  10. Randy says:

    Yesterday it was raining and mid 30’s in Sexton Summit. Today snow and 30. Hmmmm

  11. runrain says:

    The sun is out in Happy Valley. Hard to believe a significant snow event is imminent.

  12. alohabb says:

    Eugene to Albany getting POUNDED again! And its headed this way

  13. W7ENK says:

    I don’t think this afternoon’s commute will be anywhere near as bad as yesterday’s. Most people stayed off the roads this morning once they finally got home yesterday. The people driving today all know what they’re doing (for the most part). Panic and traffic jams should be at a minimum this afternoon, even with heavy snow, but of course barring any ZR.

    I got a ride to work from a coworker this morning, and despite never topping 30 mph the whole way in, it took less time than on a normal day and I still got here on time.

    Downtown is an absolute ghost town right now, it’s almost spooky!

    Quiet. Peaceful. Beautiful.

  14. vernonia1 says:

    so neat to see one snowflake all by itself. They really do look like the ones we made in 1st grade LOL

    • LongtimeLurker says:

      Exactly what my kids and I were noticing yesterday! They were so tiny but perfect little snowflakes, just like we used to make in school. 🙂 Wearing black gloves, they landed on our hands and were so pretty.

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