Raging in The Gorge: Another 100+ Day!


The east wind has ramped up in the Gorge this morning; peak gusts are around 75 mph at Corbett and 87 (as of 8am) at Vista House.  That’s STRONGER than what we saw Monday when Matt Sloan recorded a 115 mph gust on the steps.   Since that time it appears a power outage may have put Vista House out of service.  Today is definitely a 100+ day out there.  Actually last night was too.

East wind has backed off in most of the metro area this morning but as expected the wind is much stronger in the west end of the Gorge as the flow is channeled through a smaller area.  A strengthening inversion is the reason for this.  I see observations near Estacada and Sandy around 1,500′ and above are about 10 degrees warmer at 10am compared to yesterday at the same time.  Pressure gradient is higher than what we saw Monday too, around 11 millibars from PDX to The Dalles.

Hang on!

Everyone else can enjoy the sunshine and mainly calm wind…oh, and don’t start any fires, there’s a Red Flag Warning for the Cascade foothills.  It’s getting real weird out there…


Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. slim1357 says:

    My brother hanging on the rail at Vista House. Note the ugly looking faceplant in the background after chasing a hat.

  2. boydo3 N Albany says:

    Finally a better looking outlook….

  3. Jake-(Gresham) says:

    The house was shaking last night from the wind gusts. It’s still blustery out there but not near as bad. Darn noise kept me up most of the night though!

  4. Rob - Southeast Portland says:

    …. East Wind Update ….
    Gradients continue to increase. Um, they were supposed to be weakening.

    As of 5 PM
    PDX-DLS: -11.9mb
    TTD-DLS: -11.5mb
    OTH-GEG: -14.8mb
    Cross Cascade slowly weakened, yet the gap is increasing. 110-
    120mph gusts at Vista House likely to continue. Winds also may increase east of I-205, Gresham-Troutdale-Fairview-Wood Village-Washougal.

    00z GFS in 3 hours
    00z GEM in 3 1/2
    00z EURO in 5 hours 36 minutes

    For once in a long time I am actually a tad anxious to see the runs tonight. Hoping for some good ones.

  5. Garron near Washington Square says:

    If our spring is unusually dry, and we have red flag conditions on July 4th, then I’d be REALLY worried about wildfires like we had back in the day, IE: Tillamook forest burn(s). I’d love to talk to Jim Little and see what he thinks about our upcoming fire season. I’d love to see where we are statistically speaking, we may be overdue for a bad fire season. I am talking specifically about our narrow neck of the woods: IE, Cascades west and north of Cottage grove to the Canadian border. Sorry the rest of the OR/WA east of the Cascades/south of Cottage Grove may be in real bad shape already.

  6. Taylor says:

    I suppose the good thing is it looks like our pattern will change to more rainy weather. We really need it so it’s a good thing that’s happening.

  7. Sapo says:

    Wow what a MASSIVE dip on the GFS 18z Ensemble. http://www.wetterzentrale.de/pics/MT8_Portland_Oregon_USA_ens.png

    February 7th Wow!

    • Lurkyloo says:

      Help me out, Sapo. That graphic looks like someone’s brain scan during Woodstock. “What does it mean ….?”

    • Marcustheweathernut says:

      Would be nice, unfortunantly it’s an outliner!!!!

    • Model Rider says:

      Lurky, horizontal is the temps in Celsius at about 5000′ and the verticals are precip in mm’s. 18z operational was an outlier but the overall pattern is going to turn more wet and cooler.

    • Garron near Washington Square says:

      Lurkyloo: I think it is the pulse of winter!!! Looks like mother nature wants to send old man winter for a brief vacation to the west coast. But, as always, he’ll get bored here real fast, head east to Atlantic City were all the fun is and drop another mother load of snow and ice. Just my guess…lol

    • Lurkyloo says:

      Thanks! Fingers crossed for rain …

  8. WX NINJA says:

    We recorded a 122mph gust up at crown point today as Rob mentioned. The power of the wind is simply amazing and you can definitely feel the difference from 100 -120mph. I was blown over several times and have a few battle scars. Several news crews were up there shooting video and doing interviews. I’m amazed at how many people come up there to “play” in the wind only to realize just how dangerous it truly is at those speeds. I saw several people fall, one came inches from slamming her head into a brick wall, and most only lasted a few minutes as they weren’t properly dressed. Saw another car door get bent the wrong was as the power of the wind was once again under estimated. It will be pretty hard to top the 122mph gust but it gives us something to look forward to in the future.

    • Rob - Southeast Portland says:

      Simply amazing, Rian! That wind is so ferocious and has so much force. What I find amazing is you know that very brief lull you get before the next peak gust hits? you get almost a vacuum effect it sucks you one way, then the tremendous roar engulfs the area and BAM you’re thrown back. It is truly an experience to behold.

    • Mark Nelsen says:

      I just saw you on TV Rian! Looked good.

    • Garron near Washington Square says:

      When in an east wind event like that at Crown Point, my advice you pretend you can see the winds, like riding a rollercoaster.. When you are getting blasted around and the winds are howling you can brace pretty good. The trick is when the wind briefly lets up, that you need to prepare for the blast the comes next, just like when you get to the top of the rollercoaster.. That’s when you are likely to be swept away or injured PS, I highly suggest that anyone bringing young kids up to Crown Point, at least bring their bicycle helmets with them. Not to sound paranoid, but yeah, I’ve personally witnessed a few near tragic episodes where the kid was chasing their hat while the parents were posting a video on you tube.

    • WX NINJA says:

      Thanks Mark, the reporter and camera man were both really nice guys. They got out to check on the lady who fell and came close to hitting her head as well. The thing that worries me is someone getting seriously injured up there or even killed and then whoever runs the place shutting it down. I’d hate to see either happen but if they shut it down then we would have to get a free pass somehow for weather research 😉 Tyler Mode has some video that shows the power of the wind. I’m sure he’ll post here once he has it uploaded.

  9. Dave in South Salem (500') says:

    Does anybody know if it will still be like this tomorrow? I’m going to head to the beach if it is

  10. Sapo says:

    12z EURO continues with the trend, GFS kind of all over the place. More ensemble members trending colder tho.

  11. Rob - Southeast Portland says:


    • Mike (Orchards 255') says:

      Have a feeling that winds of this magnitude happen frequently up on the steps. It’s only been known (thanks to us weather “nerds”) in the past few years that the winds can be quite high there.

  12. Rob - Southeast Portland says:

    115mph gust measured@1:39 PM!

  13. Rob - Southeast Portland says:

    Wow. Vista House sensor G 89

    There are many people up there and a few reports are 106 and 110mph gusts along the south facing steps! Awesome! There are others taking readings, so there is a chance of higher gusts yet!

  14. Jesse Nelson says:

    Long time reader, first time poster. My wife and daughter are headed to Wenatchee, heading out as we speak and I was wondering if the wind will give them any trouble. Leaving Stafford area and traveling on 1-84. Just want to make sure they are safe.

  15. Trish Lilley says:

    Super windy in Vancouver eastside.

  16. vinnybob says:

    70 in Brookings at 11 am.

  17. Rob - Southeast Portland says:

    12z EURO
    Continues to improve(turn chilly) cold air gets closer and closer.

    • Model Rider says:

      A few more weeks and were in business Rob.

    • W7ENK says:

      In business for what, exactly? In a few more weeks, the sun angle will be too high and the daylight hours too long for anything of significance to happen as far as wintry weather goes down here in the lowlands. By then, what’s it matter? 24-36 hours of cold-core precip that maybe drags some wet, sloppy snowflakes down to the valley floor, changing over to rain and completely melting away within 6 hours while most folks sleep though it because we never quite lose the South wind??

      Our window is quickly slamming shut…

    • David B. says:

      W I N T E R I S O V E

    • Model Rider says:

      Mr. Optimism I see

    • Model Rider says:

      O I see. I meant tweeks

    • W7ENK says:

      There ya go, now it makes more sense! lol

      And I was basing my thoughts on proven, repeated, recent history. I could list some dates, but I’m sure everyone here is already fully aware. Most memories aren’t that short.

  18. alohabb says:

    My baby nephew is creating better wind gusts than what we have in Hillsboro.

  19. W7ENK says:

    I wish I’d taken today off…

  20. Dottie says:

    Very strong winds with intense gusts are continuing on SW Canyon Drive (Sylvan area).

  21. Rob - Southeast Portland says:

    Not an easy night sleeping due to the wind and my Cat going bonkers all night and morning. My peak gust was 48.0mph at 4:11 AM. As I went to bed I saw numerous power flashes to my east and northeast. In all of the east wind events/storms I’ve experienced I don’t recall seeing that many power flashes. Impressive…

    As of 10 AM
    TTD-DLS: -10.8mb
    OTH-GEG: -16.4mb

  22. Taylor says:

    Clackamas is still recieving some strong gusts of wind every now and then. Maybe it’s because were closer to the gorge?

  23. alohabb says:

    Red flag in January. What a change this winter!

  24. Brian says:

    WTH? Red flag in Jan?

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