Episode 35: Portland’s Deep Freeze & Metro Snow Chances

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Episode 35: Portland’s Deep Freeze & Metro Snow Chances

The temps are cold enough and the moisture is on its way, but the big question is… WHERE WILL IT HIT?  In this week’s episode, the guys break down our chances of snow in Oregon on Thursday night/Friday morning and take a look at some of the coldest overnight temperatures we’ve been talking about in four years.

Snow ForecastIn this holiday special, the guys will also answer your news and weather questions and play a rousing game of “Cities of the Week.”

Thanks for listening this year!  We will be back with more episodes in 2014.


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49 Responses to Episode 35: Portland’s Deep Freeze & Metro Snow Chances

  1. paulbeugene says:

    You just may want to take at look at the HRRR model, the one that did so outstandingly well with the convective episodes in OR/WA last summer…
    It clearly shows some light accumulations/dusting of snow over Bellingham/Mt Vernon area occurring tomorrow afternoon. This model only goes out to 15 hours.
    It will be interesting to see the model runs in the morning. Something tells me that places like Shelton, Olympia, Centralia may get something more than advertised by the models thus far, and may be a good prognostic sign for folks in the PDX area that want snow.


  2. Jason Hougak says:

    Hougak again
    Meacham 9:40pm
    Temp. -9.9F
    Bring on winter

  3. EY (Oak Grove) says:

    Anyone else notice the NWS FINALLY updated their monthly charts for the first time since November 17th? It’s not reflected on the month-to-month basis, but it is on the Current 31 Day Period graph on the main page… Actually, December is there, still missing a hunk on November’s monthly chart as of now.

  4. Jason Hougak says:

    Gotta love winter weather… so much more exciting than our summer weather. What I want to know, are we getting more cold air outbreaks that are dry or does it just seem like it. When I was a kid during 80’s and 90’s it seemed we always got some snow or freezing rain with this weather. We haven’t had an ice storm for awhile now. Dec. 2009 we had nearly three feet of snow in the cascade foothills with a good hour of freezing rain before going back to snow-AWESOME!!!

  5. Model Rider says:

    3.5 right now at my place. Dew point is ridiculously low at -24. Dont worry though, I have the sprinkler going in the yard. Making an ice sculpture. Lol

  6. MasterNate says:

    18.9 as of 9:25 in Molalla. How low will we go? Friday and Saturday night single digits I’m thinking. Not bad for early December with so much more winter left. This is a great start.

    • AdamInAumsville says:

      20.5 here. I got down to 6 back in 2009. Might get close to that Saturday morning if I can get some snow cover.

  7. Taylor says:

    27.8 degrees in Clackamas right now. Crazy cold tonight!

  8. W7ENK says:

    At 6pm, I hit 30.0 with a DP of +3F and absolutely zero wind.

    I haven’t been home since, but it’s going to get COLD tonight!!

  9. I have 2 thermometers 100ft apart. Both reading 22f currently. I’m expecting 12-14f in the AM.

  10. Taylor says:

    Is it still a possiblity we could have a transition event happen? I really don’t know if we can escape something like that especially with even more colder air coming in after Friday as some are saying. I’m no weather expert but models have been known to over do getting out the cold air. As we have seen in 2004.

    • Dave in South Salem (500') says:

      The only thing that could shove the cold air out would be a strong low pressure system slamming into Vancouver island from the SW…and that’s what it looks like could happen.

    • Taylor says:

      I don’t know I’m just trying to be positive. I feel anything can still happen.

    • JJ78259 says:

      Late 70’s ice storm could be on tap inch of ice and trees falling all over the place. My parents lost 3 full size birch trees I remember it well. Made a lot of noise!

    • JJ78259: I remember that one. Had a foot plus thick willow branch take out part of our family room.

  11. AdamInAumsville says:

    22.9 already. Temp falling like a rock. Bottomed out at 18.5 this morning; think I’ll be closer to 14 or 15 tonight. Hoping for some snow down this way on Friday!

  12. Brad says:

    00z still says snow S of Portland. Moves L a bit farther N.

  13. Model Rider says:

    Josh is drunk

  14. paulbeugene says:

    Looks to me S valley gets 1-5 inches on the mm5 NAMm 00z. EUG cutting it really close to the low though.

  15. Kenny says:

    The new 00z NAM now brings the L further north. I do not believe the track of the L will necessarily be wrong, it’s just the models are missing the moisture that this system will produce in the NE side of the L. PDX will get around 2-3 inches is my best bet.

  16. Currently 25f in SLE. Temp dropping like a rock. Low of 18f this morning.

  17. boydo3 N Albany says:

    And the stars will be brilliant tonite.

  18. Ben T says:

    3 weatherman and 1 with a weather system!

  19. Rob - Southeast Portland says:

    WOW 18z was brutally cold. PDX 511 thickness, -14c. DLS 506, -19c! PDT 504, -19c … Going to have to lower high temps Saturday in PDX. I think 18-22 east of I-205 can’t be ruled out. 21-25 elsewhere. I also see something after day 9. Arctic air comes back to the Columbia Basin. If we had any easterly flow we could be looking at very interesting weather day 10 or so…

  20. Testing again!

    “Too cold to snow” topic. Parts of the Upper Midwest do in fact see more snow in March than any Deep Winter month, presumably due to the airmasses being too cold and dry. And I also seem to recall hearing about parts of Eurasia having “two snow seasons” in late fall and early spring, with Deep Winter very cold and DRY.

    • Dave in South Salem (500') says:

      In Denver it seemed to be the same amount from October through April. The lower moisture content would be countered by the more fluffiness of the snow in the deep cold of December/January. Now is the time of year it would be around 10 degrees and snow about every third night with a couple of inches squeezed out of a trace of moisture.

    • Muxpux (Castle Rock 175') says:

      My grandpa grew up in SE Montana and told us stories of having to melt snow for water in the heart of winter and how much snow it required to fill a jug.

  21. Andrew (Beaverton, OR) says:

    I think we may have a decent shot at upper single digits here in the metro area for saturday night, even colder if we can manage some snow cover, i noticed that the NWS has lowered their forecasted low for my area to 10 and 12 for PDX.

  22. Dave in South Salem (500') says:

    I find the NAM above to be most disagreeable.

  23. Ryan says:

    Thanks, Mark. These are always fun.

  24. SnowedIn - North Plains says:


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